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Consider this an Opinions Page. The following articles were written for your enjoyment - and perhaps might help you out when thinking about creating an otaku senshi or with the Sailor Moon universe in general. I would like to recognize that not everyone would agree with some of my own and others' opinions, but that is all they are: opinions. If you do disagree with something on this page and would like to express your difference of opinion to me (or any other author), please do it in a well thought out, intelligent manner. Rebuttals are always exciting!

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Please enjoy the following articles.


Otaku Senshi Controversies
By Sakura September 2006
  Sakura discusses two of the most common controversies in otaku senshi creation: collar-less Sailor Senshi and Male Sailor Senshi - a presentation of both sides of the debates.

Being Creative With Your Senshi's Name
By Noah June 2006
  Noah talks about the names we give to our characters in their many forms.

My Top Ten Most Pervasive (and Annoying) Fan Senshi
By Mela June 2006
  Mela discusses the things that most annoy her in otaku senshi character creation and why they don't have to be so annoying.

Your Senshi and You - A lesson in Colour
By Jester Spring 2006
  Jetster's first in a series of articles. This is a basic lesson in color theory for help when choosing colors for your fan characters.

Your Senshi and You - Taking Control
By Jester Spring 2006
  Jetster's second lesson regarding getting a hold of your character and the concepts behind your fanfiction.

Sailor Senshi Get a Life!
By Mer Summer 2005
  Mer looks at the ideas of a civilian life for your otaku senshi and gives tips on how to work this section of your character creation.

Creating an Otaku Senshi Profile
By Sakura January 5, 2005
  Sakura shares ideas about otaku senshi profile creation, complete with a sample for general use and details about how to fill in all of the stats. A great way to start out making a new character!

Standing Out
By Cat Marie April 2004
  Find out what Cat Marie thinks you can do to make your otaku senshi more outstanding!

By Cat Marie January 2004
  This article expresses Cat Marie's views on common problems facing otaku senshi creators including but not limited to creating missions.

Senshi Power, MAKE-UP: The Fashion of Henshin Items
By Aki with some ideas from Kohaku 1-12-04
  An interesting look into otaku senshi henshin items and the variations on these items.

The Ultimate Uprising Trend: An Otaku's Array of Arsenal
By Aki 6-24-03
  Aki-chan guides you through a cool growing otaku trend: Weapons!

The Inside Scoop on Otaku Senshi Trends 2003
By Sakura 6-15-03
  This is an excessively long analysis of trends that Sakura recognized in otaku senshi in the year 2003; a new version of this article with more contemporary information coming soon!

Mission: Impossible
By Sakura 6-14-03
  This is a mini-rant about a big problem Sakura sees with otaku senshi that are just starting out.

Earth, Sun, and Star: The Problem Senshi
By Mystress Zoycite
  Mystress Zoycite explores these common themes of otaku senshi.


Your Senshi and You - Melodrama and the dramas it brings
By Jester Spring 2006
  Jetster's third lesson which discusses stock characters, commonly called "Mary Sue's".

Boys in the Magical Girl Universe: Don't Leave the Men Out!
By Aki 8.23.04
  Aki takes a look at male character stereotypes and why male senshi should not be fully abandoned in the fan-character universe.

Sakura's Rebuttal to The Otaku Senshi 'Mary-Sue' Ploy
By Sakura June 2004
  Sakura takes a critical look at the term 'Mary-Sue' and what it's effects are on the otaku senshi community.

The 'Sailor Collar' issue; explained
By W.Washuu 4-3-04
  Have you ever heard someone say that an otaku senshi can't be an otaku senshi without one of those little flaps over their shoulders? Here's why a group of otaku senshi creators feel that way.

"It's been done." - A rebuttal to the attacks on the world of otakus.
By Cosima Koren
  Cosima looks at what it means for something in the otaku senshi world to become 'overused' and the implications on the character creation process.


On Creating and Maintaining a Noteworthy Fanfiction Site
By Song of Amazon 2005
  Got a new web site? Worried about sticking with it, being popular, learning the ropes? Get some world-class advice for SoA, one of the star webmistresses of the popular!

Keep It Simple, Senshi: A Bit of a Rant Concerning Spelling, Grammar, and Page Design
By Bethany Sullivan 4-24-04
  Bethany gives new otaku senshi webmasters some tips on how to make a site attractive and appealing to a visitor.

The End of Stars: Step by Step
By Sakura 11-15-03
  The last few pages of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon StarS manga explained regarding Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi.

What Colors Mean: An In-Depth Look at Color Symbolism
By Sakura 6-22-03
  A look at what colors mean in regard to many influences and how people react to them; could possibly be helpful in choosing your otaku senshi's outfit colors!

By Sakura 6-22-03
  An in-depth look into the meaning and uses of 50 gemstones.