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I began writing fanfiction in 1999 shortly after becoming a fan of Sailormoon. I completed my first story, Return of Astera, in 2001. Flames of Burden, its sequel, was written in 2007. Both stories feature Sailor Astera, my first otaku senshi, as she stuggles with her mission and her identity.

In 2000, I began writing a story seperate from Astera's arcs called The Forgotten Truth. This story features four new senshi from another time and place who come to Earth seeking a mysterious scroll. It was completed in 2002 but it is presently undergoing a revision.

IIn 2009, I began writing a new story called The Legend of Sailor Sun. This story is incomplete.

Also included are some short stories I have written, two complete and one incomplete, as well as some guest stories. All my stories are available as a PDF download from their respective pages. If you have any feedback for me, please feel free to Contact me.