Senshi Power, MAKE-UP: The Fashion of Henshin Items
By Aki with some ideas from Kohaku 1.12.04

When looking over an otaku senshi’s stats, nothing interests me more than to see what will aide their warrior’s in transforming. Yes, you guessed it, their henshin items.

The most common henshin items I’ve seen are broaches (or compacts). Usually, the senshi who have these are the loathed otakus who either have a connection with or resemble a member of the Moon Kingdom. Personally, I feel that these items should be reserved to the original cannon characters (Sailormoon, Sailorchibimoon, and Galaxia)

Another common henshin items are wands. Most of the ones that I’ve seen are just “recolors” of the original inner or outer wands. I urge you, fellow otaku creators, be creative with your wands if you want your senshi to have them! For example, my good friend, Sakura (and owner of this wonderful site ^^) has created a whole new line of transformation wands for her Opal Senshi. It’s a mix between a wand and a pen, the handle is curved slightly as it rises up to a large orb/crystal and swirled around it are other pieces of metal (I’m guessing) meeting at a smaller orb above the larger. When she showed me the sketch, I was amazed! I told her flat out, “Now the most interesting and unique transformation pen I have ever seen as an otaku creator.”

If you feel like you want to “break the limits”, so to say, you may want to try something totally different. Just because they’re henshin items, doesn’t mean they have to be wands. Some other items I thought could be used as good henshin items are:

Earrings Necklaces Barrettes Rings Pins Japanese Fans Wristwatches Body Markings/Tattoos
My senshi’s henshin items aren’t as different as Sakura’s are ^^;; My team of Olympian Senshi wear two silver clasps/bracelets much like the ones the Sailor Animates wear. Engraved on one wrist is their personal symbol and on the other is a symbol that means “the highest divinities.”

Once you have an idea for your otaku’s transformation item, why not sketch it out and change it around or ask another otaku artist for their opinion? Two heads are always better than one ^^