"It's been done."
A rebuttal to the attacks on the world of otakus, by Cosima

I've been something of an otaku senshi bystander for three or four years now. I've seen 'old' ideas and new ideas and the public's responses to them. And there has been one thing that's remained clinched in my. The attacks on the 'trends' of the fan fiction world seem not only to continue but grow. It seems that even the majority of the older and more developed Senshi out there are nothing but blackballed by stereotypes and the expression 'It's been done.' Well, here is my brief response to pinning the term 'cliche' on anyone:

Note: This isn't an anaylysis of trends like the article written by Sakura. This is merely a rather annoyed response to the labels that have been forced upon the many Otaku Senshi creators out there.

Did you say foreign exchange student...?

The problem involving a senshi's country of origin had started out as a complaint about originality. Readers wanted characters from other countries, and not just Japan as so many were. So, perhaps wisely the writer's took this criticism to heart and started producing legions of Sailors and Senshi from North America, Europe, as well as the other continents. It has come to my attention though, that to quite a few readers that isn't even acceptable anymore. It seems your protectors of love and justice can't be from anywhere on earth without being marked with the phrase 'it's been done'. It's my suggestion to the public that you make up your minds and stop complaining when you get what you ask for.

Did you say murder....?

Dead parents have been rallied against for as long as I can remember. It's come off to me quite frequently that the majority of the otaku fans obviously want to disregard the reality. Where criticism is always welcome, fitting any senshi with deceased mothers or fathers immediatly into a cliche is not. Do you go around telling people who have had loved ones lost in a car or plane crash that it's been done? I dont think so.

Did you say cousin....?

There do seem to be cousins and long lost brothers or sisters popping up everywhere. These characters are *always* automatically pegged as being unoriginal by someone who believes they have the right to apply such a label. Sharing blood with one of the original characters has fueled quite a few interesting plots that I've noticed have been shoved aside simply because of their roots. It would be so much easier to find good stories if the words 'lack of creativity' weren't written on every single one that may contain one of the infamous reoccuring elements. Lighten up.

Did you say brainwashing....?

Ah yes, the infamous brainwashing issue. One of the simpler explanations for a character's past or actions, it has been used quite a few times. Though, once again this has been fit into a category along with the rest and marked as a sign of 'newbishness' or inability in the writing department. So we have a horde of mindless zombies running around.... dont you like zombies? I know I do.

Did you say pregnant....?

This is probably my favorite thing to look for.... the senshi's children! Despite this, this idea is what seems to gather the most negative attention. Is it the fact that there are so many 'neo' sailor's out there.... too many mini venuses? Or perhaps you've seen your favorite character's offspring portrayed in a simply wrong light to many times? It seems rediculous that so many intelligent people are going to let the fact that there are quite a few out there affect their opinion. Aren't there quite a few white people in the real world, as well as Asians and Africian Americans? Just because there's so many does that mean you automatically dont like them? Of course not. So what happened to the otaku world's ideals? Because they've disappeared. I suggest that we all try and find them.

Closing Statement

This has only touched on a few of the more prominant categories that are often stereotyped. It's my suggestion that people lighten up and drop their labeling, and for once see stories for what they truely are. Like people they are part of an overall whole, but also individual. Perhaps not every writer is brilliant, but we can appreciate their stories nonetheless. It takes alot to get out and share your imagination with the world, and if we continue upon this path of prejudice eventually all the otaku senshi out there waiting to be discovered will never get that chance. The new creators will be to scared to share their visions, at the risk of being called stupid.

Nothing is overused until you yourself decides it is. Perhaps for once we could be supporters instead of constant critics. I know that this is something I myself need to work on.

~Cosima Koren