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Welcome to SailorAstera.com! This website is mainly dedicated to fan works of the anime (cartoon) and manga (comic book) series Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. It has also historically featured other fun things to do including contests, polls, tutorials, articles and so much more! All of the sections of the site are linked from the main navigation at the top. If you are not sure where to start, just check out the Site Map for detailed information about what SailorAstera.com has to offer.

SailorAstera.com used to be known as Sakura's Senshi Circle. It was created as a sub page of "I Am A Banana," my now defunct personal page, near the end of 1999. In its first year, the web page when though two layout changes from its original "Banana" black background and red text to frames in black and violet in January of 2000. In late 2000 the "SSC - Pretty in Pink v2.0" layout replaced the darker look. 'Pretty in Pink' lasted 3 years with some additional updates that designated it as "SSC - Pretty in Pink v2.5." Below are some screenshot of that layout.
Splash Page Main Page
v2.5 Splash Page v2.5 Main Page
The next layout "Welcome to the Circle" was developed in late 2003/early 2004 as an attempt to overhaul the site's image and represent its name; it was my first attempt at a tables layout (or any kind of layout for that matter). I was very satisfied with how it looked and kept that layout for over a year. Below are some screen captures from this layout. It featured the artbook image of the ten soldiers in a circle holding hands. The sub pages of the layout featured an upper left hand cornered image.
Splash Page Main Page Sub-Layout Page
v3.0 Splash Page v3.0 Main Page v3.0 Sub-Layout Page
Steve Forde designed a new layout for SSC at my personal request in 2006. We worked closely to develop a layout that was both aesthetically appealing and efficient. The image featured in the new layout was of Galaxia and Usagi, one of my favorites from the artbooks and is symbolic of the ideas originally encompassed by the development of this site. Serenity and Galaxia symbolized the full circle of all senshi in the imaginary universe that fans have extended. Encompassing the breadth of human compassion and vulnerability, the two pivotal characters served to remind us that we are what we make of ourselves. A later image of Serenity and Endymion celebrated eternal love, and finally, I returned to the artbook image of the senshi circle which lasted until the current layout.
Main Page
v4.0 Main Page
In Jaruary 2010, this site celebrates its 10th anniversary. The site has been rebranded to SailorAstera.com with the current new layout also designed by Steve Forde featuring artwork from Drachea Rannak . The site has been reorganized slightly and includes new sections such as the Store and the Collection.

I consider this website's birthday to be January 2000 because at that time, the Sailor Moon section of "I Am A Banana" became an independent entity.

Phpwebhosting.com has been hosting this site since I bought the domain. Ziggle.com is the registration company for the domain name sailorastera.com.

Sailor Astera, the Sailor Opals, Sailor Sun and all other fan-characters featured on this site, and their stories, profiles, and images were created as fictional derivative works based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon by Naoko Takeuchi. The characters are fan made sailor senshi called 'otaku senshi' and they are not in the original 5 seasons of BSSM. They are a small selection of very many fan-made characters based on the original story. For more information about Otaku Senshi, please visit Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan Character Help Site. You can access Naoko Takeuchi's Official Homepage , however it is in her native language of Japanese. You can also access the Official Japanese Sailor Moon Homepage .

Looking for information about the Anime or Manga series Sailormoon? SailorAstera.com does not carry basic Sailormoon information since it can be found in so many places on the Internet. I recommend that you check out some of the following off-site resources for general Sailormoon information: Thanks for visiting SailorAstera.com! If you have any questions or comments after your time here, please visit the Contact page.

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