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Please follow the guidelines on this page before contacting me. If you have a question related to the web site, my characters, or artwork, check out the FAQ before you contact me to see if your question has already been answered. Also:

DO NOT e-mail, IM, or leave a guestbook message that:
  • Asks for an image of your otaku senshi or fan character. If you are interested in Commissioning a drawing from me please contact me directly by email or visit my Commission Hub on DA .
  • Asks to use any of the images found in Otaku Senshi; these images are for DISPLAY only.
  • Asks to be a sister site; is no longer accepting any more siblings sites at this time.
As long as you are not contacting me for any of those reasons, here are the best ways to reach me:
  • For general comments or ideas, you can fill out the contact form below, or sign the guestbook. As long as you enter a valid e-mail address, I can reply to your message.
  • For general questions or comments, entries to contests, or to submit work for the Fanart section, you can contact me by E-mail: Sakura at sailorastera dot com. Be sure to review the Submission Guidelines at the Get Involved page.
  • Just want to chat? Come visit my table at one of the many Anime Conventions I attend each year!

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