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I'm always interested in feedback about this site and its content. Please follow the guidelines on this page before contacting me. If you have a question related to the web site, my characters, or artwork, check out the FAQ before you contact me to see if your question has already been answered. Also:

DO NOT e-mail, IM, or leave a guestbook message that:
  • Asks for an image of your otaku senshi or fan character; I only do Grab Bag art requests through ONLY. Please access the Request section of ToT to find out how to get a requested image from Sakura. If you are interested in Commissioning a drawing from me please contact me directly by email or visit my Commission Journal on DA .
  • Asks to use any of the images found in Otaku Senshi; these images are for DISPLAY only.
  • Asks to be a sister site; is no longer accepting any more siblings sites at this time.
As long as you are not contacting me for any of those reasons, here are the best ways to reach me:
  • For general comments or ideas, you can fill out the contact form below, or sign the guestbook. As long as you enter a valid e-mail address, I can reply to your message.
  • For general questions or comments, entries to contests, or to submit work for the Fanart section, you can contact me by E-mail: Sakura at sailorastera dot com. Be sure to review the Submission Guidelines at the Get Involved page.
  • Just want to chat? I have AOL Instant Messenger; my screen name is MyPurpleCows but I do not accept IMs from people who are not on my list. You will have to email me if you would like to be added. You can also meet up with me on any of these following places:
    This Site's Forum as Sakura
    Tower of Time Forums as Sakura as Sailor Astera
    LiveJournal as SailorAstera
    DeviantArt as sakky-attack

    Sakura also is a member of the Wikimoon project; her user name is Sakura.

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