This site, its content and its owner have collected quite a few awards and prizes over the years. I would like to display my site's accomplishments with this gallery of awards and honors. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to review this page for an award. The awards are divided by category, and the site or person that awarded them to the site. Click the Award Name to see the image.


Read Review at SGReviews (Closed) 2004
Read Review from [ SweetenedDreams ] (Closed) 2003
Read Review at Digital Genesis Reviews (Closed) 2002

Awards for the Site

Site .:|:. SSS Award of Excellence
Site Closed .:|:. The Bronze Award
Site .:|:. Golden Fanatic
Personal Award .:|:. Favorite Otaku Site Award
Site Closed .:|:. Firefly's Awesome Sailor Moon Site Award
Personal Award .:|:. Blue Star Award of Greatness
Site Closed .:|:. Cool Site Design Award
Site Closed .:|:. Wicked Cool Site Award
Site .:|:. Obvious Effort Award
Same .:|:. Reflection Award
Site Closed .:|:. AnimeDarkness' Silver Award
Site Closed .:|:. TVD's Silver Award
Site Closed .:|:. The Top Site Award
Site .:|:. An IOU
E-mail .:|:. Kawaiiness Award
Site Closed .:|:. Makoto's Pure Beauty Award
Site Closed .:|:. Makoto's Hardwork Award
Site Closed .:|:. Sailor Moon Page Approval Award
Same .:|:. Adorable Sailor Moon Site Award
Same .:|:. Beauty Award Award
Same .:|:. Outstanding Image Gallery Award
Same .:|:. An Eternally Great Sailor Moon Site Award
Site Closed .:|:. Silver Award
Site Closed .:|:. Fantastic Fanstuff Site Award
Same .:|:. Great Start Award
Site Closed .:|:. The Purrrrfect Award
Site .:|:. Site of The Ages
Site Closed .:|:. Site of The Month (May 2003)
Site Closed .:|:. Too Good To Be True Award
Site Closed .:|:. The Elite Awards: Golden Award
Site Closed .:|:. Sailormoon Award fo Excellence
Site Closed .:|:. Golden Seal
Site Closed .:|:. Utena's Anime Excellence Award
Site Closed .:|:. Saturn's Great Site Award
Site Closed .:|:. Wow Award
Site .:|:. Slayers' Award for a Unique Site
Site Closed .:|:. The World's Greatest Site Award
Site Closed .:|:. Mysterious Otaku Senshi Fandom Award
Site Closed .:|:. Award for a Super Cute Site
Same .:|:. Award for Fantastic Otaku Senshi Sites (Lost the Award! ;.;)
Same .:|:. Award for Fun Filled Sites
Same .:|:. Award for Creative Sites
Site Closed .:|:. Cool Site Award
Same .:|:. Award for Participation
Site Closed .:|:. Award of Best Entertainment
Same .:|:. Content Award

Awards for Sailor Astera

Personal Award .:|:. Awesome Otaku Award
Site .:|:. Caloris' Super Otaku Senshi Award
E-mail .:|:. Sailor Sun's Senshi of the Week Award
Site Closed .:|:. Awesome Otaku Award
Site Closed .:|:. Otaku Donation Award
Site Closed .:|:. Original Sailor Senshi Award
Site Closed .:|:. Award for the Biggest B****
(Heh, well, that's not what the award says... ^^;;)
Site Closed .:|:. Talented Senshi Fan Award - 1st Place
Site Closed .:|:. Sailor Aurora's A+ Otaku Senshi Award

Awards for Fanfiction

Site Closed .:|:. Best Fanfiction Award
Site .:|:. Jupiter's Great Fanfic Award
Site .:|:. Hoshi's Best Fanfic Award
Site Closed .:|:. Fantastic Fanfiction

Awards for Fanart

Site Closed .:|:. Michiru's Award for Outstanding Artwork
Site Closed .:|:. Fabulous Fanart

Awards for Quizes & Contests

Site .:|:. Second Place: Otaku Pixel Gathering
Personal Award .:|:. 1st Place - Seandrea's ToT Contest March 2006
Site (Closed) .:|:. 2nd Place - Sailor Shimmer's Silly Senshi Contest
Site Closed .:|:. 2nd Place - Sailor Arctic Attack Contest
Site .:|:. Quiz of the Cosmos Award
Site Closed .:|:. The Case of the Bad Photo Award
Same .:|:. Quiz Award
Site Closed .:|:. 100% on Bunny Love's SM Quiz
Site Closed .:|:. 100% on Silvery Pathways Quiz
Site Closed .:|:. First Place - Neo Nobility Poem Contest
Site Closed .:|:. I Won the "Name the Web Site" Contest
Site Closed .:|:. Picture Prefect Award

Other Gifts or Awards

Site Closed .:|:. Thank You Award
Site Closed .:|:. Happy Birthday to Me!
Site .:|:. Happy Birthday to Me AGAIN!
Site Closed .:|:. Merry Christmas 2003
Site Closed .:|:. Thanks For Your Fanart Donations
Same .:|:. Appreciates Your Help
Site Closed .:|:. Thank You Award
Site .:|:. We Learned A Lot Today...
Same .:|:. Thank You Award
Site .:|:. Award for Site Help
Same .:|:. Award for Helping to Make Awards
Personal Award .:|:. Blue Lightning Award of Niceness and Awesomeness!