The Ultimate Uprising Trend: An Otakuís Array of Arsenal
By Aki with opinions by Kohaku

Now a days, as an otaku senshi creator, Iíve seen growing trends in the senshi that people are turning out. Most of the sesnhi Iíve seen have all one thing in common: weaponry.

When I look at otakus now and read through their stats, I see a lot of senshi with weapons. I find peoples characters now holding an array of arsenal. But the most common weapons that Iíve seen are the three Sís: staffs, scepters, and scythes.

Now these weapons are all fine and dandy (and even better when you have a great story behind them too ^^), but many of the otaku artists give their senshi these weapons without knowing the meanings behind the artillery that they bestow upon their characters.

The Staff: The staff is generally seen as a symbol of authority in early societies. Staffs are also used by witches/wizards/magic users to direct their energy to a certain place and direction, much like a wand.

The Scepter: Scepters were also a symbol of authority, sovereignty, and also a symbol of high society or that of a King or Queen.

The Scythe: The scythe a common symbol of death (the Grim Reaper was always pictured holding a scythe).

Personally, I think the reason why most new creators choose from these three weapons is that they want their character to have a weapon cooler than Plutoís Time Key, shinier than Saturnís Glaive, and just as powerful as any of Moonís weapons. Also, they must feel that if they give their new character an awesome weapon, it would make them (the character) more important and give them attention, too.

Face it, we all want attention. We all want to feel important. So, why not stand out and do something different? Try giving your senshi a weapon no one has used yet! For example, my senshi Sailor Vulcan, has a big stone hammer. Some things that are hardly used are:

ē Axes
ē Bow and arrow
ē Crossbow
ē Spears
ē Lances
ē Daggers
ē Whips
ē Throwing stars

And if your senshi is a defensive senshi, why not give her a spiffy shield or shiny new armor? Creating new and interesting weapons is a way to let your imagination go wild!

Here are a few tips on making better weapons:

Keep it simple!
Letís face it. No one keeps anything simple anymore. Donít give your weapon so many decorations. How do you think that will affect you senshiís performance in battle?

For example, your senshi is in a heated battle and she pulls out her sword (this is only an example!) that is adorned with wings and ribbons and encrusted with the jewels of her home planet. And as she goes to attack the evil enemy of evil-ness, she canít pick up her sword because itís so heavy and the ribbons get tangles around her hands! What will she do now?

You donít want that to happen! So, instead of putting all of your favorite decorations on the weapon of choice, just choose one you think goes best with your senshiís powers.

Some really overused decorations I see are wings. I advise you, even though wings are beautiful, donít use them unless your senshiís powers have something to do with wind. If you use them even though sheís not of a wind element, then you better have a really good story to explain why theyíre there.

It doesnít have to be elaborate to be powerful
Just what it says. Your senshiís weapon of choice doesnít have to be extremely decorative to pack a powerful punch. Concealing how powerful your senshi is a great way of fooling your enemies ^^. Instead of giving your senshi some huge decorative weapon that shows how much power your senshi can wield, give her something that no one would expect to be powerful.

The story behind the weapon
Itís also important to have a good story about your weapon. You canít just say, ďWell, sheís always had itÖĒ In the background story, explain how she got her weapon (was it awarded to her? Did she make it herself?), why she has it (did she used to guard something in the Silver Millennium like Pluto?), and how she uses it.

Iíll use Sailor Vulcan as an example. The reason why I chose a hammer as Vulcanís weapon is because sheís based on the Greek god, Hephaestus, the god of the forge. I said that the reason is why she has the weapon is that she when she was alerted by Zeus (who ruled of the planet, Olympus) to help the senshi in stopping Sailor Nemesis from killing off the sailor scouts and the entire human race, she forged herself a hammer before she left for battle.

If you plan out your senshi and think everything through, Iím sure youíll turn out with a great senshi with an awesome array of armory! Everything takes time (heck, it took me three years to get Vulcan to where she is today). Ask your friends to hear your ideas out and ask them if they will help edit your mistakes to make your characters better!

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