By Cat Marie (January 2004)

Missions and Personalities. People seem to have problems with these two parts of a profile in particular. Missions and personalities. Sometimes people under-do it and some over-do it. Let me share with you a few basics, with some extras thrown in.

Personalities-Ok, this can be really easy. If you're having trouble with this, you can always base it off someone you know. But don't go over the edge with this. Don't do it so it embarrasses the person that it is based on- which can also lead to over-doing it. For example, if you write:

"She was a very daring person taking on all challenges. One time she dyed her hair swamp green and wore it to school even though it was against the dress code. The principal sent her home and called her parents. The next day she dyed her hair the color of macaroni and cheese. The next day she ate dirt. She said it tasted like dog food, which she tried when she was three."
Okay, that got totally off the subject. There is such a thing as killing something with detail. This totally did it. Also the personality should be believable. No one is perfect, so it shouldn't say something like:

"She loves everyone and everything and only wants to bring peace into this world. She especially loves animals and is a vegetarian because she feels it is wrong to eat them. She doesn't swear, gets along with her family pretty well. She never raises her voice, and feels so moved when people cry. She doesn't care what people think of her. She never wishes her life were any different."
Gag me. Waaaay to perfect. No one is really like this. That is why you may want to consider basing your character off of someone you know. And that person doesn't always have to be yourself. It could be your best friend or even your sibling (s). The thing about it is when people base the senshi off themselves, they tend to only put the good things about themselves. I used to do that. But then I realized it wasn't very realistic, everyone has faults. Now my old Sailor Sun profile was not exactly like the one above, it was different, but still without faults. I started adding little bits to the profile such as stubborn, sometimes spoiled, and impatient. It makes her seem more real.

Senshi Names- Yeah I know, senshi can be very creative. Very original. But some are simply not. I have been told over and over how Sailor Serenity and Sun weren't very original. I know, there are millions of Sailor Suns. But that does not mean they can't be DIFFERENT. You can even have a comet/planet/meteor/ect that no one has ever heard of. Like, I bet you never heard of a Sailor Echona. That is just the thing- it is NOT COMMON. If you give your senshi a neat name, people will wonder, "What's that?" And get them interested. Honestly though, try and make it pronounceable... And reasonable. Don't say Sailor VajgodgegbmmmmuyyafvddR42220gs is named after our earth which was once called VajgodgebmmmmuyyafvddR42220gs 6666 years ago. Because I really don't think so. Number one: How can you pronounce this? Number 2: This will only get people confused. If you are doing Neo Senshi you could do something other than just calling them "Sailor Mars" because this will generally get people confused. They'll wonder if you're talking about Neo Sailor Mars or the old Sailor Mars. Make your names creative, but reasonable.

Mission-Your senshi MUST HAVE A PURPOSE! Why would they exist if they didn't have a purpose? And don't just put "To help the Sailor scouts." Because that is really lame. Been there, done that. Number one: That is totally boring and flat. Number Two: Well how original is that? I bet hundreds of Sailor Senshi have that as their mission. I mean, it's better than having nothing for mission, but barely. If they have a story behind it, it is okay. Like... "She was Queen Serenity's long lost sister, and after realizing she was dead, she zapped herself into the future. There she meets up with Sailor Moon, who honors her position as Sailor_______" Now, that was a quick thing that came off the top of my mind. The mission is one of the most IMPORTANT PARTS! You can't forget to have one! And no, this doesn't have to happen in Japan. Tons of Senshi are in Japan, thatís why mine aren't. Mine are in the USA, Canada, England and Poland.

Believability-Don't tell me when she was two years old she got a job as store clerk, and when she was five she went to college and at age eight she became a fifth grade teacher. Okay, maybe that was kind of silly, but it should be believable. I think you get the point.

Trademarks-Symbols, henshin items, and weapons. That all falls in this category. Let's talk about symbols for a minute. Unless your senshi has a relation to Sailor Moon I see no reason for them to have a crescent moon on their forehead. Really, if you have no ideas for this, a tiara works too. Henshin items can be about anything. Necklaces, bracelets, those little pen things the senshi use. It could even be just holding up her hand and yelling the phrase. the more unique, the better. I mean, don't get me wrong here. I don't think an old boot would do, or a box or anything. It could even be a scepter that when the senshi holds it and says the phrase it transforms them. Weapons are the next thing. I see many recolors of the scepter. Too many. How about something unique? Like maybe a weirdly shaped wand or a neat power, that anything she thinks of can turn into a wall around her? That would be freaky... But different. The more different the better. But don't go overboard. Don't have too many decorations. How would it look if your senshi were admiring the cool designs on her sword instead of fighting?

Enjoy creating your otaku!

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