Standing Out
By Cat Marie - April 2004

Doesn't it get boring flipping through senshi after senshi's profiles that are exactly the same? They are all senshi yes, but should they all be different? Absolutly!

Honestly, I don't have a problem with common names. Jane, Joe, Ann. Sun, Comet, Star. None of these really stand out do they? Because your so used to seeing them. A name should almost make a person think "Wow, what is that?" Take Sailor Echona, one of my senshi for example. I could have called her Sailor Snow. *Yawn* Really, some senshi I would change their name, but if I did, to me, it would almost be like changing their character. I mean, some I don't mind so much. But Sailors Sun, Chibi Sun, and Comet are some of the oldest senshi I've had. I made them up about three years ago and have become quite attached to them character wise. To change their name would be to change them. If you are creating a new senshi, before you end up like me, think about it. Is the name that original? Will it catach peoples attention? Does it suit the senshi? If so, you're ready to go.

Skin color is another thing. I don't see many dark skinned senshi. Out of twenty senshi, one, maybe two, are dark skinned. I see SO many pale complextions. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. I have light skin. Alot of people have light skin. And I don't just mean "black." Not all dark skinned people are black. Coffee brown, tan... There are many ways to describe it.

Contacts or glasses? Which to get? Alot of people are concerned that glasses would get in the way while fighting battles. Well this is NOT real people. Ever notice how Sailor Venus/Mars or any senshi with long hair never have it get in the way while running or fighting? Why should glasses? Sure there is the excuse "Well she has contacts." You could always say her parents are notouriously strict and won't let her get contacts (Depending on her age) or you can simply say she prefers glasses, which will make her seem more different in a good way. Bold, almost. Or she could get them because there is a certain style that is "in". In the end, it is your choice.

Dressing code is another big one. Not all schools have uniforms, guys. Mine doesn't. Even if the school she does go to DOES have uniforms, how does she dress at home? At the mall? The park? Does she prefer dresses? Or a Tee shirt and jeans? And her senshi uniform... It can be revealing, it can be puffy sleeved or non, it can be skimpy, well covering or whatever you want! What I'm seeing alot of these days is skimpy outfits. Yes, I know the Star senshi wear those, but come on people! Maybe if you live in the Bahmas that is ok, if you live in northen Canada, UH OH! Your senshi will FREEZE to death in that skimpy piece of nothing! Your senshi could have a layered skirt. Or a longer skirt. Or maybe even a long sleeved one that meets the gloves.

Hair. Does the senshi HAVE to look like a glamorous movie star? How many people really look like that? I am currantly seeing MANY MANY odangoes. I don't see any reason for them. I think this trait is basically geared thowards the Moon Family line. You don't see Sailor Mars wearing odangoes. You don't really see anyone much wearing odangoes (Unless it is a fan!) or unless they are from the Moon Family. Another thing is really long hair. What is with that? Not everyone has long hair. You would be surprised how many people have to the shoulders hair or ear length hair. I know Sailor Venus has neat hair, guys, but let's face it not everyone is a Mini Sailor Venus.

Tatoos and Scars. Tatoos..... Ehhh... Maybe if you have a tough senshi. Don't have a "Sweet as gold and candy" senshi who gets a skull tatooed onto her arm. And skulls... So OVERDONE! As well as rabbits, cresent moons, ect. Scars can be interesting though. Lightning bolts... Not original. And how did she get that scar if she has one? There has to be some reason! Tell all! Motercycle/car accident? Fight?

Standing out in the otaku senshi world in important if you want to get noticed! Your senshi will be in the spotlight in no time if she stands out!

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