Your Senshi and You - Taking Control
By Jetster

Ah children, welcome again to our class. Let's hope we can learn a bit more this time around!

Writer's block is something that annoys it all. When the story gets stuck, it can take a very long time to get back in the track.

I've always found that when my friends have problems with their creative writing at school, it is caused 99% of the time by the character. Those characters are really evil, all wanting to undermine their authors, and try to take over control. The fact that they're not real means that these situations always end up with the author being stumped as to what to write.

So in order to show your character who's boss, try to get to know them a bit better. Sure, you may have a detailed profile written out, but those Otaku Senshi types are crafty, and hiding stuff that you don't know about them. It's up to YOU to find that out. And if they won't tell you, they'll have to make do with what you give them.

So, here are some questions to interrogate your underhanded Senshi with:

These are just some examples, you can surely think up your own by looking into your own day to day life. When you're brushing your teeth, you could be thinking- "Now if I were a Sailor Senshi, would it effect me in combat if I suddenly realised I had forgotten to brush my teeth?"
These small insignificant things do effect us even if we don't realise it, and it's time we found out how our characters cope.

And if the characters prove not to be the problem, go after the rest of what you've written, and ask yourself the ULTRA MAGIC SPECIAL SIX ONE WORD QUESTIONS!

WHO?: Who has been in the story so far? Who is in control of this situation (in the story, we're not battling with our character at the moment…)? Who can do what in this situation? Etc.

WHAT?: What has happened before this? What is going to happen after it? Etc.

WHERE?: Where are the characters at the moment? Where are they going to go? Etc.

WHEN?: When in the day is it (lighting changes a lot!)? When in the year? Etc.

WHY?: Why is what has happened before now happened? Why are you stuck for that matter? Etc.

HOW?: How is what I have written so far going to fit into the rest of the story? How will it effect the rest of this chapter? The next chapter? Etc.

If all else fails, move on and write the next part. Come back to where you were later.

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