Otaku Senshi

'Otaku Senshi' is a phrase that some fans use to refer to Sailormoon fan characters. Fans create these characters for all kinds of reasons! They usually include an outfit design, some history, as well as stories and profiles.

This section features the Otaku Senshi that I've created. Included are the characters detailed profiles as well as image galleries of these fan characters. Remember - these Sailor Senshi do not appear in the original Sailor Moon story anywhere, they are just made up! Please do not use the images and information on these pages on your own web page without my express written permission.

Want to know more about otaku senshi? Insterested in making your own fan character? Or maybe you have your own character, but you'd like to improve her! Create Your Own Otaku Senshi: A Sailor Moon Fan Character Help Site, is a sub-site of Sakura's Senshi Circle which focuses on otaku senshi creation. The site will open in a new window; please enjoy!