Fanfiction: Guest Shorts

The stories featured in this section of the Fanficiton page are short stories by my contest winners and guests. Please enjoy these short but sweet tales. If you are interested in submitting a Short Story for this page, please visit Get Involved to learn more!

Sacrament of the Tenth Kingdom - Dive into the deep tale of Naru Osaka and the powers and secrets she uncovers.

Secret Truth - This is a short story by Bethany Sullivan in which Sailor Star must confront her family with her new found identity.

An Accident - This was the winning story of the first songfic contest Sakura had. Lori-chan entered with her wonderful story that combines music and a heart-gripping tale of a terrible mistake made by Usagi! Take some time to read it!

Awakening - This is a most fitting 'Evanescence' songfic about Sailor Arctic's internal struggle as her body slowly heals itself in it's cryogenic chamber.

Silent Killer - An award winner, eerie story about an attacker you can't see...

Defenders of... Justice - Read this gripping story about Sailor Venus' last stand against an ultimate evil that she will defeat - no matter what!

She Doesn't See Me - Usagi and her secret admirer make a fascination story in the contest winning songfic by Gemma Mabon. Incase you can't tell Sakura totally digs songfics, and this one is just great!

In Her Eyes - When you've finished there, take a few to read Sakura's short story about her role playing character Sakura giving birth to her child. Warning: This story is Rated PG-13 for mature themes.

Burning Tears - One of three entries to a contest here at SSC that asked authors to look into the internal struggle of an evil character or look into a tough decision a Sailor Moon character faced. In this story we explore why Sailor Moon decided to throw herself into the Cauldron at the end of Stars. This story took third place.

Life Before the Darkness - Another of three entries to the same contest as above. This short story looks into the mind of Mistress 9, the evil being that posses Hotaru in Sailor Moon S. It took second place.

Inversion - This short is the last from the above contest; it won first place. Here we look into the mind of Black Lady (Wicked Lady) the evil counterpart for Chibi-usa in the Sailor Moon R season.

Navy Police Personnel - This story is told in a script form. Its about a Navy girl that finds her true love on the job. Warning: This story is Rated PG-13 for mature language.

The Birth of Sailor Astro Nemis - How exciting! Read a short story written by Sailor Astro Nemis! (Yes, that's Nemis, not Nemesis) It's a quick insight to the birth of a new otaku senshi! Read about her past and imagine her future!

She's in Love with the Boy - This is a songfic written by fourteen-year-old AngelKitty. The song in the story is "She's in Love with the Boy" by Trisha Yearwood. It's a charming story, sort of like a country version of Usagi and Mamoru's relationship. ::giggle:: It's cute!