Otaku Senshi: Sailor Opals Team

Sailor Castalia - Profile (working model)
Sailor Cybele - Profile (working model)
Sailor Bellona - Profile (working model)
Sailor Amphitrite - Profile (working model)
Sailor Opal Team Art Gallery

My next go at making fan characters came in the form of the Sailor Opals team. I made this team for the fiction The Forgotten Truth; Sailor Sea Opal, Sailor Spirit Opal, Sailor Forest Opal and Sailor Fire Opal were the original names for these four senshi. I started the story in 1999 and finished in 2002.

The four new senshi featured in the story were from the same system as the canon Sailor Senshi, however they were from a alternate dimension.

They each carry the power of a Sailor Opal. Sailor Amphitrite (wearing blue) is the leader and princess, even though Sailor Cybele tends to take charge a lot. Sailor Bellona has a hot temper and a short bit of patience, and Sailor Castalia is young but mysterious and powerful.

The basis for the story was the exploration of who might have been Princess Serenity's father in the Silver Millennium. Later, after the story was completed, I decided to go back and develop the characters further. Their names were changed to the current titles. I also began developing full-length profiles for each of the characters. Currently, all their profiles are considered works in progress.