Otaku Senshi: Sailor Amphitrite

The Sailor Opals: Sailor Amphitrite (blue), Sailor Castalia (purple), Sailor Cybele (green), and Sailor Bellona (red) are four of my otaku senshi created for my second fanfiction, The Forgotten Truth. Please enjoy the images displayed; if you want to donate some art, I would LOVE to put it up! Just check out the Get Involved page and find out how to submit work!

By Andi

Andi made these amazing images that feature the Sailor Opals. The first large image is a group shot of Fire Senshi which includes: Sailor Fire by Lariel Shadowshield, Sailor Karmala, Sailor Bellona, Sailor Salamander, Sailor Fire Anglel by Glory, Sailor Volcanus and Sailor Neoember, both by Andi. The second image is a group picture of the Sailor Opals, and above these images is a sprite group. Check out more amazing fanart on Andi's DeviantART page!

Sailor Opal Sprites
Fire Senshi The Sailor Opals

By Ashley

Ashley was inspired to make an edit for me one day and this image of Sailor Amphitrite was the result. Cute huh? Love the earrings, they are a nice touch!

Sailor Amphitrite

By AngelRaye
AngelRaye made these four great images of the Sailor Opals for an art trade. See all of AngelRaye's great sailor senshi drawings at her DeviantART Gallery.

By Becca

These are some super awesome edits of the Sailor Opal team by Becca of Runic Future & Collective Lunacy! Becca is doing all four for me, and were the first images of the team I have recieved! Enjoy! (Thumbnails open in a new window!)

Sailor Castalia Sailor Amphitrite Sailor Cybele Sailor Bellona

By Chibichan

This group image of the Sailor Opals was done by Chibichan! Included is her senshi, Sailor Hecate, and a cameo of Sailor Astera. :3 Check out her site, Dead Moon Semetary.

Sailor Group

By Chuu

Chuu made this really hot picture of Bellona from a Jupiter blank. Bellona seems to be pretty popular! I think people like the boots. Gunna have to hand it to Lei for those, she's a super help! ^_^ Thanks Chuu!

Sailor Bellona

By Chuuko

All right let's check out the new Opals Art! This is a beautiful image was made for me by Chuuko. Can you STAND how beautiful it is?! I am *in love* with Bellona's eyes. They are all so sexy! ^___^ THANKS CHU-CHAN!! Check out Chuuko's DA Site.

Sailor Opals Team

By Dragonstar

Dragonstar created these two beautiful images of Sailor Cybele; check out her site: Pyro Megami.

Sailor Cybele Sailor Cybele

By Eliptical Guardian

Eliptical Guardian made some really awesome images for me, including this one of Cybele. It's stunning, huh? She really captured something here that I think fits the character really well. <333 No buddy ever gives poor Cybele all four buns though. ;_; Maybe I should make it two? XD

Sailor Opals Team

By Falcon

Falcon made this awesome character sheet for Sri! It includes some of her stats as well as her school uniform and a surprise hairstyle. :3

Sri Character Sheet

By Hoshi

This is Sailor Cybele done by Hoshi a good otaku senshi pal of mine. She has also done some Astera Art for me. ^_^

Sailor Bellona

By Kashy

This was a Valentine's Day gift from Kashy of Sailor Cybele and Sailor Kastra. ^_^

Sailor Cybele and Sailor Kastra

By Kanransha

Prepared to be blown away! This is the cutest, most adorable perfect image of Castalia! Her pose, the expression! Everything about this drawing is AMAZING! She's so adorable!! Kanransha has been amazing and has made images for two more opals as well. What a great collection! Thank you so much Kanransha for using your wonderful talent. Please, visit Kanransha's web site, Senshi no Danza and check out her otaku senshi too. ^_^

Sailor Castalia Sailor Amphitrite Sailor Bellona Sailor Cybele

By Kristian

Some more wonderful sprites from a very talented pixel artist. Check out Kristian's DeviantART site.

By Lilith

Lilith made this amazing SD Sailor Castalia for me. The outfit is perfect! AWESOME PIC! :D

Isn't this adorable?

By Lorelei

I won a contest and I got these great edits. *Squee* I want more!!! Thanks so much Lei-chan; you are so talented - and everyone's going to be jealous of them! Also, added the edited image of Castalia! It's TOTALLY FAB! Most recently, Lei has made some symbol images for the Opals and some really super cute PONY OPALS! ^____^ Check out her sites, here, here, and here.

Sailor Cybele Sailor Castalia
Sailor Castalia's Symbol Sailor Amphitrite's Symbol Sailor Cybele's Symbol Sailor Bellona's Symbol
My Little Castalia My Little Amphitrite My Little Cybele My Little Bellona

By Maria

Maria created these two great shots of Sailor Bellona and Sailor Castalia!

Sailor Bellona Sailor Bellona

By Nyokoino Sachi

Yey! More Opal art! Thanks Nyokoino Sachi, it's great picture of Sailor Bellona!

Sailor Bellona

By Purenightshade

This is a group of fan senshi in their civilian forms. Sailor Bellona as Tendai appears on the left. Please visit her DeviantART to see more great artwork!

Civilian Identities

By Rikku

Rikku recently reached a landmark hit count on her DeviantART page. To celebrate, she made this image which includes various water-based senshi, including Sailor Amphitrite. Other senshi in the image are Sailor Despina by Seiko, Sailor Poseidon, Rikku's Sailor Naiad, Sailor Nereid by Jade, Sailor Aquamarine and Pisces by TechnoPoptart.

Sailor Amphitrite and other Water Senshi

By Sailor Shooting Star

Not only has Sailor Shooting Star contributed and inordinate amount of Astera Art, we now have some SSS OPAL ART TOO! ^_____^;;; Check it out! There was one of Amphitrite too, but the file was currupted. ;_; Go visit her site Riri's Domain.

Sailor Bellona

By Sakura

This section features a series of edits created to produce an accurate image for each character. All of these images were made from traced commercial images edited into the Sailor Opal team. Credit goes to Lorelei for most of the original blanks. This image is available to use as a desktop as well. Also included is a group image of the Sailor Opals team with Chibi Moon.

Sailor Opals and Chibi Moon

A very accurate image of Sailor Castalia. A very accurate image of Sailor Amphitrite. A very accurate image of Sailor Cybele. A very accurate image of Sailor Bellona.
Sailor Opals Desktop: Choose size below.
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By Seiko

This image of Sailor Amphitrite using her attack was made by Seiko! Check out her DeviantART page for more artwork!

Sailor Amphitrite

By SerenityM31087

This is a super cute powerpuff Sailor Opals team! SerenityM31087 got the Opals' attitudes just right! I hope to use this image for the main fic image. ^^;;

The Sailor Opals a la Powerpuff!  *kawaii*

By Starchild

This awesome image of Sailor Amphitrite was made by Starchild! Check out that great Sailor Collar! Please visit her DeviantART to see more great artwork!

Sailor Amphitrite

By Tennyo

Yet another Bellona this time by Tennyo. Did anyone know that they are supposed to have diamond shaped openings on the backs of their gloves? ^^;; I really LOVE the eyes in this one because she is so serious. XD

Sailor Bellona

By Waterbutterfly

To add to the extensive collection of Astera Art WB has made, here is a new image of Castalia! In addition to that, she's also made a great group image of the whole team! Thank you WaterButterfly! Please check out her DeviantART gallery.

Isn't she excited!? A very serious Sailor Opals Team

By WildNature

Look at this beautiful image of Sailor Castialia calling forth a Spirit Scroll! Isn't it so lovely?! To see more of WildNature's amazing artwork, you must check out her DeviantArt gallery.

Spirit Scroll Retrieve!