Otaku Senshi: Sailor Bellona

About the Girl

Civi Name: Tendai Danika

First name pronounced: TEN-die (Shona; "be thankful")
Last name pronounced: DAH-nu-ka (Slavic; "morning star")
Sex: Female
Age: Appears about 14
Height: 5'6" (162.5 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs. (67 kg.)

Eye color: Tangerine
Hair: Rusty auburn
Blood Type: B
Build: Tendai is tough and well toned with a small chest. Her figure remains feminine with amble hips and small feet, but she has a way of walking that makes her come off a little boyish. She has a bad habit of slouching a lot so her posture is most always aweful. She has double jointed shoulders.

Likes: Coffee, loud music, and duct tape
Dislikes: Carebears, homework, and cleaning messes
Hobbies: Basketball and computer games
Favorite Subject: Biology
Least Favorite Subjects: Foreign Languages and History
Favorite Gemstone: Sodalite
Future Goals: Not being one for much future planning, Tendai doesn't have a lot of interest in setting goals. Most of her goals are set by others expectations.
Strengths: She is very confident and has a lot of stamina. She is also very apt at manipulating peoples emotions and has been known to occasionally keep friends because they are 'useful' in some way.
Weaknesses: She has a tendancy to talk to much and miss out on what the other person is saying which leads to all sorts of problems. She is afraid of the dark but would never, ever admit that to anyone, ever.

Personality: Tendai has a lot of determination but lacks the focus to put it to good use. Her standards are high with those she is close to; she expects a lot from her compainions and in return she gives her all in matters of great importance. However, when the situation is less dire, Tendai has a general lack of patience and a tendancy to ignore people she has become frustrated with. She has a mind of her own and enjoys simmering in her own thoughts, positive or negitive. She often finds herself analyzing others but perfers to spend her free time alone and is generally reluctant to want to talk about anything that might be bothering her. She is the type of person that would walk into a public place with headphones blaring just to avoid having a dicussion with a stranger.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Bellona
Title: Senshi of the Fire Opal
Colors: Her fuku is red, orange, and yellow.
Fuku: All of the Opals have fukus with three colors, and all are gradients of the same color expect for Sailor Bellona. Her main color is orange which apprears along with yellow on everything pairs (i.e., on the bows, skirt, collar, gloves, etc.). The yellow is on top and orange is on the bottom. Red is on the body suit, collar, gloves, and the main part of her shoes. The straps up the back of her legs are orange and just under her knee, three bands run around her leg. They are, from top to bottom: yellow, orange and red.

She has a diamond shaped silver brooch, silver tiara with a diamond orange jewel, and a chocker that is yellow with an orange colored diamond gem at the center. She has a silver diamond shaped mini-brooch at the front center of her belt. The belt itself is divided in two parts, yellow on top, orange on the bottom; the gloves have only two bands, yellow on top, orange on the bottom. There is a small silver brooch at the center of the back bow. There is a diamond shape cut out of the backside of the gloves on the hand and another diamond shape cut out from the bodice revealing a section of her belly around her belly button.

Powers: Fire. The 'Fire Opal' is the powerful force which gives Bellona her power. Like the Solar Senshi's 'sailor crystals' it was once brought about the birth of a new celestial body, the planet Bellona. Sailor Bellona is it's guardian; she grew with the planet to be its protector.
Transformation Item: Wand [image not available]
Transformation: Sailor Bellona uses her wand and calls out, "Fire Opal Planet Power, MAKE-UP!" Her regular clothes melt away and she spins counter clockwise, bringing her arm and henshin pen over to her left side. In a dazzling burst of glittering lights, she pulls the pen across to her right and thrusts it forward. There is a bright flash, and in an instant, Sailor Bellona appears.
Lava Wall! (Defensive)

Description: Bellona drops her arms to her sides while slightly bending at the knees, then swings her arms palms up, forward and over her head calling out the incantation.
Effect: Energy streaks out from her motion and forms a rippling wall of lava which solidifies approximately eight feet in height and width. The wall call be held for protection against forthcoming attacks, but it cannot be moved. It disinterrates when Bellona releases it.
Waiting Pyre! (Offensive)
Description: With fists closed, Bellona crosses her right arm over her left in front of her body and calls the incarnation. She switches the positioning of her arms twice before opening her fists and releasing the attack.
Effect: This attack releases a blast of searing flames that engulf the target.
Glistening Flame Whip! (Offensive)
Description: Holding her hands in the air above her head, Bellona calls out this attack and a flamming whipp emerges coiled around her body. She unwraps it by spinning around twice and uses the whip to aim the attack.
Effect: The attack has no visible path from the whip to the target, however the intended target will still feel the sensation of burning fires if they are in its path.
Fire Opal Burning Ribbon! (Offensive/Defensive)
Description: When Bellona calls out this attack, fire sprouts from her hands in rope-like forms.
Effect: This attack can be used to subdue an oppoent by wrapping them in the fire ropes and holding them. If she so chooses, Bellona has the ability to use this attack at minium power causing warmth but little or no redness or burn to the target. If used at ful power, this attack can sever body parts.
History: Sailor Bellona's sailor crystal was placed on her home planet when it formed from the cosmic dust of her universe. She lived three hundred and eighty-two lives prior to being reborn in her persent incarnation as the first daughter of the royal heads of the Urian Kingdom. No sailor soldier had been seen on Bellona for nearly half a century and the idea of such a being had become lore. Legends of the time had it that Queen Pertuan was a direct descendant from the Blood of the Pheonix line formed eons before the development of human life. When their child was born, she bore a mark on her forhead which burned with pride. It was known that this new princess was destined to be one of the elite warriors that would guard and the Mora System.

It was her job, as it was for the other senshi of the Mora System, to protect the their star from anything that should try to bring darkness. However, when a powerful demon from the realms of some dark dimension broke into their world they were forced to fight the toughest battle they had ever faced and were forced to come together. They fought valiently on their indidvudual planets against this overwhelming force but were forced to retreat to a central base on the planet Amphitrite which unfortunately also finally fell to the power of this new darkness. Desperate to save their system, the four senshi of the Mora system fled from the demon and their home in search of help. To find out what happened and where they went, check out the fanfiction: The Forgotten Truth.