Otaku Senshi: Sailor Cybele

About the Girl

Civi Name: Zoe Consus

First name pronounced: ZOH-ee (Greek; "life")
Last name pronounced: CON-sus (Roman; "god of the harvest and grain")
Sex: Female

Age: Appears approximately 15
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 122 lbs. (55 kg.)

Eye color: Emerald, narrow and quiet
Hair: Dark emerald usally worn half up. She often adds extentions to her hair to create different hairstyles, most often, two buns on either side of her head.
Blood Type: A
Build: Zoe is willowy and tall. Her toso is long which makes her appear thinner and her hands and feet are narrower than average. She has a low center of gravity which makes her very stable and nimble.

Likes: birds, country music and science fiction
Dislikes: screaming children, headaches (which she frequently gets) and peanut butter
Hobbies: Reading and Aikido
Favorite Subjects: Textiles
Least Favorite Subjects: Foreign Languages
Favorite Gemstone: Moonstone
Future Goals: To open her own shop and sell her textiles
Strengths: Caring & nurturing, often acts as a strong mediator
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, prone to spending too much money on clothing

Personality: Zoe is freindly and familiar even if she's just met someone. She's a calm person, not quick to anger and usually very interested in small details. She is supportive and encouraging to her teammates. As a senshi, she is prone to take charge in uncertain circumstances and she feels, mainly because of her age and experience, that she is entitled to do so. She enjoys doing things that are physically challenging but also serve a purpose.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Cybele
Title: Senshi of the Forest Opal
Colors: Her fuku has three values of green, the lightest being slightly yellow-green.
Fuku: All of the Opals have fukus with three colors, and all are gradients of the same color expect for Sailor Bellona. Sailor Cybele's outfit is three shades of green. The main color and the lighter version of the color are what appears on everything pairs (i.e., on the bows, skirt, collar, gloves, etc.) with the lighter color on top and the main color on the bottom. The darkest color is on the body suit, collar, gloves, and shoes.

They have diamond shaped silver brooches, silver tiaras with jewels that are all diamonds and the color of their medium fuku color, and chockers that are of the lightest color with a medium colored diamond gem at the center. They all have a silver diamond shaped mini-brooch at the front center of their belt. The belt itself is divided in two parts, lighter on top, middle color on the bottom; the gloves have only two bands, lighter on top, middle on the bottom. There is a small silver brooch at the center of the back bow. There is a diamond shape cut out of the backside of each glove on the hand and another diamond shape is cut out from the bodice revealing a section of the belly around her belly button.

Powers: Earth/Flora. The 'Forest Opal' is the powerful force which gives Cybele her power. Like the Solar Senshi's 'sailor crystals' it was once brought about the birth of a new celestial body, the planet Cybele. Sailor Cybele is it's guardian; she grew with the planet to be its protector.
Transformation Item: Wand [image not available]
Transformation: Sailor Cybele uses her wand and calls out, "Forest Opal Planet Power, MAKE-UP!" Her regular clothes melt away and she spins counter clockwise, bringing her arm and henshin pen over to her right side. In a dazzling burst of glittering lights, she pulls the pen across to her left and thrusts it forward. There is a bright flash, and in an instant, Sailor Cybele appears.
Vine Enchantment (Offensive)

Description: Sailor Cybele swings her right arm backwards beside her while crossing her left arm palm out across her chest. As she calls out the attack name, she brings her left arm out to the side forming glowing vines from her finger tips. She then pushes the vines forward with her right hand and grabs the ends for control.
Effect: Produces hype-tension vines that can be used to bind an enemy, drag or push them
Emerald Corais (Offensive)
Description: Sailor Cybele releases a flash of violent, blinding green light in the form of of dense ball of energy that springs, whipping vines
Effect: A fast, vicious attack that damages physically and drains energy
Forest Opal Razor Leaf (Offensive)
Description: Cybele crosses her hands at the wrists, palms towards her, thumbs interlocked. She then clasps her hands together, keeping her wrists crossed, turns her hands inward and down towards her body and back towards her opponent. As she completes the turn, she unclasps her hands and opens them palm forward, releasing the attack. Her wrists remain crossed.
Effect: Emmits many tiny leaves of deep green energy that slice through thinner materials and flesh; can also cause substantial energy drain on the average enemy.
Root Wall (Defensive)
Description: Cybele turns counter clockwise and throws her arms up in front of her forming a thick, impregnable wall of roots
Effect: This will ground electricity based attacks and will stop or slow water and fire attacks. It is weak against purely magical attacks and metal attacks.
History: Sailor Cybele's sailor crystal was placed on her home planet when it formed from the cosmic dust of her universe. She was destined to be one of the elite warriors that would guard and the Ra System. Skilled in the arts of true wisdom and patience to be the sanity and second in command to Amphitrite - the leader of the Ra System senshi team. She has been alive for 494 years now since her last reincanation after her body was destroyed in a catyclismic tidal wave on her planet.

It was her job, as it was for the other senshi of the Ra System, to protect the System from anything that should try to bring darkness. However, when a powerful demon from the realms of some dark dimension broke into their world they were forced to fight the toughest battle they had ever faced and were forced to come together. They fought valiently on their indidvudual planets against this overwhelming force but were forced to retreat to a central base on the planet Amphitrite which unfortunately also finally fell to the power of this new darkness. Desperate to save their system, the four senshi of the Ra system fled from the demon and their home in search of help. To find out what happened and where they went, check out the fanfiction: The Forgotten Truth.