Otaku Senshi: Sailor Castalia

About the Girl

Civi Name: Sri Teien

First name pronounced: SHREE (Indian; "light")
Last name pronounced: TIE-EN (Derived from Vietnamese 'Tien'; "spirit")
Sex: Female

Age: appears approximately 8
Birthday: March 6 (Earth approximate)
Height: 4'1" (124.5 cm)
Weight: 92 lbs. (42 kg.)

Eye color: Dark purple, wide and full
Hair: Her hair is medium purple, and falls to about her mid-back; it's is thick and hard to tame or style so she generally wears it down. However after befriending Chibiusa she takes a humorous stab at the odango.
Blood Type: B
Build: She has a child's frame and is overall rather physically weak, though she will argue otherwise as she tries miserably to prove it.

Likes: Reading, meditation, writing (bad) poetry and making her friends listen to her recite
Dislikes: Acts of violence, people who go back on their word
Favorite Subjects: Art, music, math
Least Favorite Subject: Gym
Favorite Gemstone: Aquamarine
Future Goals: Astral travel, lucid dreaming; she also hopes that one day she will be able to bring about her true power which even she knows is laying dormant somewhere in her soul.
Strengths: Selfless, intuition
Weaknesses: Aggression towards her, social conflict, fear

Personality: Sri is quiet and unassuming. She will often not speak unless spoken to, and enjoys spending time alone. However, she is not a loner, and does like to spend time with her friends and fellow soldiers, both of which she loves dearly. She looks to Zoe/Cybele for guidance, and stays as far away from Tendai/Bellona as much as she can.

Sri is compassionate and spiritual; she is very in touch with her inner self as it is the source of her power. She believes in love, in her teammates, and in her friends. She is self-less and likes to please, but often doubts her own abilities for fear of letting the one's she loves down. She sometimes feels she needs to show off and will try to do things that are beyond just a challenge for her physically, but she only acts this way because she thinks it's what everyone wants from her. Really, she is not very much concerned with physical strength because she prefers to heighten her mental strength.

Someone of Sri's stature should be more confidant than she is; she is a powerful member of the team and the only one capable of bringing forth and reading the Spirit Scrolls. In herself however, Sri sees her talents sometimes as a curse. She tends to think that maybe the others keep her around because she is of use to them and if she were suddenly of no use, they would discard her. Her nervous habits include digging her foot into the ground when she is uneasy, and hiding behind objects or people when she feels scared.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Castalia
Title: Senshi of The Spirit Opal
Colors: Her fuku has three values of purple.
Fuku: All of the Opals have fukus with three colors, and all are gradients of the same color expect for Sailor Bellona. Sailor Castallia's outfit has three shades of purple. The main color and the lighter version of the color are what appears on everything pairs (i.e., on the bows, skirt, collar, gloves, etc.) with the lighter color on top and the main color on the bottom. The darkest color is on the body suit, collar, gloves, and shoes.

They have diamond shaped silver brooches, silver tiaras with jewels that are all diamonds and the color of their medium fuku color, and chockers that are of the lightest color with a medium colored diamond gem at the center. They all have a silver diamond shaped mini-brooch at the front center of their belt. The belt itself is divided in two parts, lighter on top, middle color on the bottom; the gloves have only two bands, lighter on top, middle on the bottom. There is a small silver brooch at the center of the back bow. There is a diamond shape cut out of the backside of each glove on the hand and another diamond shape is cut out from the bodice revealing a section of the belly around her belly button.

Powers: Spirit, purely. The 'Spirit Opal' is the powerful force which gives Castalia her power. Like the White Moon Senshi's 'starseeds' or 'sailor crystals' it was once brought about the birth of a new celestial body, the planet Castalia. Sailor Castalia is it's guardian; she grew with the planet to be its protector.
Transformation Item: Wand [image]
Transformation: Sailor Castalia uses her wand and calls out, "Spirit Opal Planet Power, MAKE-UP!" Her regular clothes melt away and she spins counter clockwise, bringing her arm and henshin pen down to her feet. In a dazzling burst of glittering lights, she pulls the pen up to her chest and thrusts it forward. There is a bright flash, and in an instant, Sailor Castalia appears.

Spirit Opal Scroll Retrieve (Offensive)

Description: Sailor Castalia, often kneeling, is beside a fallen person. She places her hands, left over right, a few inches above their chest, and calls the incantation. There is a bright glow under her hands, and the spirit scroll of that person will appear. The person will then more than likely fall unconscious unless they already were.
Effect: This is more of an incantation than attack; it calls forth the spirit scroll of a person. One's spirit scroll is an ethereal object that defines what dimension a persons soul originates from. Once taken, Sailor Castalia is able to 'read' the scroll by a simple ritual with water and herbs. This 'attack' on its own, does no harm to the person that i having their scroll taken - however, without their scroll, one's body does not have instructions as to which dimension it belongs in, and it will begin to fade away and dissipate into all dimensions equally, thus destroying the person.

Ardent Soul Annihilation (Offensive)

Description: Since she gave her word not to use this powerful incantation, this attack has only been used by Sailor Castalia once, and at the request of her King. The one time she used it, she drew together in her hands the essence of a powerful demon, and upon calling the attack, a bright flash threw her back and the demon was destroyed. It is unclear how this attack would be used in different circumstances and there is speculation that it has forms that are more powerful.
Effect: It destroys the soul of a creature and is effectively deadly.

Mystic Fade (Defensive)

Description: She calls the incantation and vanishes from sight.
Effect: Sailor Castalia is made invisible for any time period she deems. She is able to use this power out of senshi form in extreme circumstances.

History: Born on the forth planet of the Mora system, Castalia, Sri was raised to become on of the elite warriors that would guard and protect the Mora System. She was trained on her planet in the arts of the mind and the power of the soul by a priestess of her Father's temple. When she was first called to the palace on Amphitrite (which served as the base of operation for the senshi) she was very young compared to the other soldiers. However, she was well liked by King Nereus, the ruler of the Mora System, who saw her as a young version of his belated wife. She soon found her place in the circle of guardians. It was her job, as it was for the other Sailor Opals, to protect the Mora System from anything that should try to bring darkness. However, when a powerful demon from the realms of some dark dimension broke into their world they were forced to fight the toughest battle ever. They were forced to retreat to their home base on Amphitrite which unfortunately also fell to the power of this new darkness. Desperate to save their kingdom, the four senshi of the Mora system fled from the demon and their home in search of help. To find out what happened and where they went, check out the fanfiction: The Forgotten Truth.