Otaku Senshi: Sailor Amphitrite

About the Girl

Civi Name: Cadin Mose (This information is not yet updated in the fic)

First name pronounced: CAY-din (Derived from English 'Cadence'; "rhythm")
Last name pronounced: MOZE (Derived from African 'Mosi'; "first born child")
Sex: Female
Age: Appears about 18
Height: 5'2" (157cm)
Weight: 101 lbs. (46kg.)

Eye color: True blue
Hair: Cadin's hair is long and thin, reaching to just above her knees. She keeps it parted with wispy thinned bangs and will occasionally put it in to long, braided pigtails. Originally light brown, she began dying it on Earth to keep it a similar shade of deep blue that she has as a senshi.
Blood Type: AB
Build: Cadin is trim and lean with very little muscle mass. She maintains her weight on a stict diet and has a very self-concious approach to health matters. Because of her selective eating, she is slightly underweight though she has never been so obsessed as to have it become a problem.

Likes: soft rain, the beach, gemstones
Dislikes: meat (in general), chocolate (it's a lie, actually. She tells herself that she hates it to avoid it), and driving
Hobbies: cooking, ice skating, ballet
Favorite Subject: home economics
Least Favorite Subjects: psychology
Favorite Gemstone: too many to choose
Future Goals: Her goals are broad and general; she wants to live a long life and stay healthy. She hopes to be a strong leader.
Strengths: Cutting to the chase, uncovering ulterior motives and detecting liars
Weaknesses: She has trouble seizing control of a bad situation and she is self-concious and slightly vain

Personality: Cadin is kind of standoffish person. She doesn't find a lot to say and when she does speak it tends to be very direct and honest; she doesn't like chatter. She comes off as shy but really she is more or less just not interested most people around her. She has a streak of vanity that makes her very self concious of her apprearance at all times. She has a desire to be more flashy and outgoing, but finds that she lacks significant courage to 'break out' of her own shell.

She finds comfort in activities and situations that she can control. The more elements of danger and chance there are, the more likely Cadin will decline. She likes to be focused on one task at a time and enjoies self-focused activities like yoga and martial arts.

Cadin certainly likes time to herself, but she finds some happiness in being with her fellow soldiers and those she cares for. In the past, they have known her to be more light hearted and even silly and more carefree. There have been times in the past where Cadin has been able to open up a bit about her dreams and hopes, but her cynical attitude has been pervading lately. Since the four have arrived on Earth, her more sullen interior has come forth and taken over her overall personality.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Amphitrite
Title: Senshi of the Sea Opal
Colors: Her fuku is three shades of blue.
Fuku: All of the Opals have fukus with three colors, and all are gradients of the same color expect for Sailor Bellona. Sailor Amphitrite's outfit is three shades of blue. The main color and the lighter version of the color are what appears on everything pairs (i.e., on the bows, skirt, collar, gloves, etc.) with the lighter color on top and the main color on the bottom. The darkest color is on the body suit, collar, gloves, and shoes.

They have diamond shaped silver brooches, silver tiaras with jewels that are all diamonds and the color of their medium fuku color, and chockers that are of the lightest color with a medium colored diamond gem at the center. They all have a silver diamond shaped mini-brooch at the front center of their belt. The belt itself is divided in two parts, lighter on top, middle color on the bottom; the gloves have only two bands, lighter on top, middle on the bottom. There is a small silver brooch at the center of the back bow. There is a diamond shape cut out of the backside of each glove on the hand and another diamond shape is cut out from the bodice revealing a section of the belly around her belly button.

Powers: Sea Water. The 'Sea Opal' is the powerful force which gives Amphitrite her power. Like the Solar Senshi's 'sailor crystals' it was once brought about the birth of a new celestial body, the planet Amphitrite. Sailor Amphitrite is it's guardian; she grew with the planet to be its protector. She is also the crowned Princess of the star system Mora. As such, she has abilities that exceed somewhat beyond her comrades, though she has not yet mastered the powers she will someday fully inherit.
Transformation Item: Locket [image not available]
Transformation: Sailor Amphitrite uses her wand and calls out, "Sea Opal Planet Power, MAKE-UP!" Her regular clothes melt away and she spins counter clockwise, bringing her arm and henshin pen over her head. In a dazzling burst of glittering lights, she pulls the pen to the center of her chest and thrusts it forward. There is a bright flash, and in an instant, Sailor Amphitrite appears.
Aqua Wand - a basic wand weapon inherited in her first form [image not yet available]

Twisted Heart Aqua Wand - an upgraded version of her previous wand which she obtains in the later half of her first form [image not yet available]

Aqua Kaleidica - a more powerful weapon obtained in her second form [image not yet available]

Christalis - her final weapon, obtained in her ultimate form and used in her princess form; this item is an elaborate staff which symbolizes the power of Amphitrite's home star system, Mora. The core of the staff is transluscent and made of an unknown but spectacularly light weight matieral. The orb at the top of the staff is filled with a shimmering blue liquid. [shown in profile image]

Oceanic Wall! (Defensive)

Description: Amphitrite pushes her right arm across her body to the left while raising her left arm above her head. She calls the attack name as she brings her right arm across her body in a wide arc leaving a whirlwind of water forming a barrier in front of her. She is able to 'throw' this attack to have the barrier form in front of others.
Effect: This barrier will block most magic based attacks but is weak to attacks that penetrate by physical means. It grows stronger when attacked with similar elements (ice, water) and disipates when Amphitrite changes her focus.
Critical Inundation! (Offensive)
Description: This attack requires the Aqua Wand.
Cascading Aquatic Enchantment! (Offensive)
Description: This attack requires the Twisted Heart Aqua Wand. [under constuction]
Effect: [under constuction]
Sea Opal Typhoon Twisted River! (Ultimate Offensive)
Description: This attack requires the Aqua Kaleidica. [under constuction]
Effect: [under constuction]
Golden Opal Heart Massage! (Healing)
Description: This attack requires Christalis. [under constuction]
Effect: [under constuction]
History: Sailor Amphitrite's sailor crystal was placed on her home planet when it formed from the cosmic dust of her universe. She was destined to be one of the elite warriors that would guard and the Mora Solar System. Her father was King Nereus, ruler of Mora. His family consisted of his beloved wife, Queen Amathia, their daughter, Princess Amphitrite, as well as their elder son Prince Salacia. It was early in the Princess' life when a terrible battle erupted between the kingdom and a vicious dark demon lord known as Kimashtu. The battle cost many lives and caused massive destruction before King Nereus was about to seal the demon away. However, it was not without sacrifice. Princess Amphitrite watched both her brother and mother die at the hands of the demon as the former tried to protect the latter.

Though devestated by their loss, the princess and king remained strong for one another as they helped their kingdom to rebild. Amphitrite grew up to be the stoic and serious leader of the Mora Sailor Senshi. It was over a decade later when their peace was inturrupted by the unexpected escape of Kimashtu from his sacred seal. More destruction and devestation ensued but the team of Sailor Senshi were able to deflect some of the demon's powers. They relied upon the power of their king so save them once again, but to their utter horror and dismay, this time King Nereus failed at the hands of the demon. Without their King as a light of hope, the senshi were backed into a corner. Desperate to save their system, the four senshi of the Mora system fled from the demon and their home in search of help. To find out what happened and where they went, check out the fanfiction: The Forgotten Truth.