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Sailor Astera - Complete Profile
Sailor Astera Art Gallery

Sailor Astera is the first Sailor Senshi I created. This character and her story began their development in 1999 after I had seen the first two seasons of Sailormoon dubbed on Cartoon Network. Many revisions to the character and story have taken place over the years, and the present version of the story Return of Astera is likely to be the final version. Originally written between 1999 and 2001, the story was revised for the forth version of SailorAstera.com in 2005.

Sailor Obsidia - Complete Profile
Sailor Obsidia Art Gallery

Sailor Obsidia is the Senshi of Burden and believes herself to be the lost sister of Astera. Abandoned on Earth by the Dark Moon, she seeks out her fogotten sister to revive her memories and seal away the White Moon forever! She is featured in the sequel Flames of Burden which was posted in December 2007.