Otaku Senshi: Sailor Astera's Profile

(Reading this profile may give away spoilers to the fanfiction Return of Astera.)

About the Girl

Name: Katakini Sakura
Meaning: Revenge in Cherry Blossoms
Additional Information: This name is chosen by Sailor Astera as her alias while on 20th century Earth. Her birth name was Astera Yukio, but at the time the story takes place, she considers her true identity to be Sailor Astera.

Sex: Female
Birth Date: November 21
Age: 17
Height: 5'4" (162.5cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (60.8kg)
Build: Astera is somewhat thin but toned. She has an attractive figure that she uses to her advantage quite often. She also likes to dress to accent that figure. She is physically strong in her legs and midsection, but her upper body is more fragile.
Skin color: Fair Caucasian (#FAE8CB)
Eye color: Purple (#613C6D), a bit wide and full-lashed
Hair: In civilian form, her hair is blond (#FFEFAD) and falls straight to her mid thigh. Occasionally, she will tie it back in a loose bun to keep it tamed, but it is usually worn loose. She has long straight bangs that are parted at the center and layer into her hair. When she transforms, her hair becomes a deep purple (#1A111D) which nearly appears black; this is a symbolic element of her contaminated soul as a senshi. If she were to be healed of the negativity that plagues her, her hair would remain blond in both human and senshi forms.

Blood Type: B. This means Astera is interested in many things and she has many hobbies. However sometimes she gets so obsessed with a project, she neglects other important things. Especially with the tainted soul she carries - her need to fulfill her revenge sometimes takes over her being all together and she is unable to think or act rationally. She can be very withdrawn from other people, even those she is fond of, but cannot explain why she feels disconnected.
Sun Sign: Astera was born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp; this gives her some qualities of both the emotional and passionate Scorpion, and the driving strength of a Sagittarian. She makes up her mind and is likely to stick with that decision and see it through without change. Scorpio is a fixed sign, lending Sakura to be stubborn. However, the influence the ever-learning Sagittarius helps her to act without bias to do what she wants when she wants. She is impulsive and independent. She is capable of many tasks and progressive, but is often impatient and pushy if something isn't getting going the as planned. Suspicion and jealousy are serious downfalls to the Scorpio/Sagittarian; however, her passion and awareness can help her rise above those traits. Her innate self-confidence may make her argumentative or blunt, but her intention is usually to learn, not to offend. She is high-spirited and enthusiastic, often flirtatious, and she tends to enjoy social life immensely. In her leisure time, Scorpio/Sagittarians enjoy competition and challenge. She isn't satisfied with moving along at half speed or lowering her abilities to let those with lesser skills beat her.

Likes: chocolate, cute guys
Dislikes: Crowds, living alone, pizza
Favorite Subjects: Art & Natural Sciences
Least Favorite Subjects: Economics
Favorite Gemstone: Amethyst

Future Goals: As a girl, and perhaps subconsciously, all Astera wants is to belong - she needs a reason to live. This manifests partially through her attempts for Mamoru's attention. As a senshi, she has no goals beyond that of attaining her revenge. Any soul-felt desires are effectively buried under her guise as an all-hating, rancorous fighter.

Strengths: Determined, stoic
Weaknesses: Astera is weak against the power of the Ginzuishou. Ultimately, only Sailor Moon's eternal purity can save Astera from herself. As a girl in mundane life, she is scared by loud noises and is afraid of falling.

Personality: Astera is slightly aloof, she is drawn in to herself and not usually open with people. Not oddly, Usagi seems to be the only one that really wants to try to get to know her in the first place. Astera is a chronic liar, she will lie to cover up mistakes, shortcomings, and other lies. She hates feeling ignorant, and never likes to lose in any situation. She will usually accept a challenge, physical or otherwise. If one did get her to open up, one should beware not to spark her jealousy or betray her in anyway, for she is easily hurt and can be antagonistic without warning. When she sets herself on a goal she will take any means to the end.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Astera
Title: Senshi of Revenge
Colors: Purple (#613C6D) & black (#1A111D)
Fuku: Astera's outfit is a Super Sol Senshi outfit with a few minor alterations. The chocker, front bow, main skirt, and boots are black; the collar, heart shaped brooch, and back bow are all purple. A thick purple stripe lines the entire bottom edge of the skirt. The collar has one white stripe on it and the choker has a golden star at the center. Her front and back bow form three prongs that flare out to the size of a regular Sol Senshi bow. The bow tails are standard with the back having long tails which hang a few inches past the bottom of the skirt. Her gloves are white and three purple bands hold them at her elbows. The boots are to the knee and pointed upward. A thick white stripe lines the top edge.

When healed, the colors on her outfit reverse; what was black becomes purple and vice versa. In her dark form, Sailor Astera has a golden crescent moon on her forehead. When healed, she wears a standard v-shaped golden tiara with an oval purple gem at the center.

Powers: Soul, with powers coming from negativity
Symbol: [image]
Transformation: Astera holds up her Amethyst Crystal and shouts, "Amethyst Crystal Power! Make-UP!" She spins upright counter-clockwise as a cascade of lights and beams come down around her body from the crystal. The lights dissolve her civilian clothing. Then the 'camera' zooms to her forehead where a golden crescent moon appears. Her hair flies to the right as she turns to the left and the gust of wind turns her hair black from root to tip as the 'camera' zooms out again. She lowers her arms and the crystal goes to the center of her chest. Her outfit sprouts from it, wrapping around her all at once. She opens her eyes and they sparkle on a closeup. Then there is flash frame of an exploding planet, and Sailor Astera strikes her final pose. (TBD)
Weapons: Adazuishou [image], daggers
Abilities: In senshi form she has the ability to vanish from sight for a few moments. This is due to the disguise pen that she carries which was a gift passed to her by her father from her deceased mother.


Astera-Nemesis Daggers - Makes a dagger, or two, whatever she needs. They are used in physical combat.
---Advance! - Temporarily makes the dagger into a sword.

Amethyst Dynamic Burn - Volatile purple light shoots out from the crystal directly at the target. This attack is used as her primary offensive attack when going into battle. It is as effective as she can aim it, usually leaving the target drained of energy. Weak targets can be killed by this.

Celestial Subversion - She raises her arms above her head, spins counter-clockwise and swings the crystal toward the ground, creating a bright purple line under her opponent which will split and form a crevice as if the planet were splitting apart. The crevice is an illusion, but it's emotional effects can render an opponent in serious mental distress and drain energy. Astera will use this attack on more powerful opponents as an offensive attack.

Amethyst Spiritual Delusion - Astera raises her right arm above her head and bows forward, bringing her arm down in front of her with her palm up. Little dark flying spirits fly from her head to a weakened opponent and draw energy from them, funneling that energy back to Astera. This can be used both as a defensive and offensive attack. If she is strong, the more power the better; if she is weak, this could sustain her power. This attack can only prey on those who've already become weak themselves. While under the consumption of the attack, targets will feel at peace.

Amethyst Soul Abolition - Astera crosses her wrists in front of her body and swings them around to the right. She then brings them up with her left hand crossed in front of her body and the right in a fist beside her face. When she calls the attack, she throws both arms forward, swinging them around to the left. The attack produces an invisible wave of Astera's power which tears through a target, crippling their spirit or will. It will usually render them in a catatonic state. This may be used as a fatality attack before a final physical blow with a weapon.

Essence Eclipse - A black light of Nemesis from the crystal forms a barrier from incoming attacks. It is used primarily as defense, however, on occasion, the attack can be altered to not only stop the attack, but throw it back at the aggressor. It is not 100% effective - there are some more powerful attacks it cannot block.

About the Guardian

Name: Demetrius
Species: Feline
Color: Brown
Eye Color:Violet
Special Markings: His fur is long and fluffy around his ears, chest, paws, and around the sides of his face
Origin: Planet Mau, the same planet of origin as the other BSSM cats; he is of no direct relation.
Mission: To guide Sailor Astera. Unbeknownst to her, he knows that she is brainwashed and he is more or less there to make sure she is healed. Things have to go a certain way, and he is there to make sure her evil plots work out, hoping that inevitably Sailor Moon will be able to heal her.


Sailor Astera traveled to the 20th century from the 30th century. She has returned to present-day Tokyo to seek revenge on those she believes killed her father in the future and destroyed her home planet. She is guided by her guardian Demetrius and dreams from her father who was a powerful sorcerer.