Otaku Senshi: Sailor Obsidia's Profile

Sailor Obsidia: Soldier of Burden

Reading this profile may give away spoilers to the fanfiction Return of Astera and Flames of Buden. For this reason, this profile may seem vague and incomplete in some places. This character was mostly developed by my RP friend Anya in the late 1990s. I have not heard from Anya in some time, but Sailor Obsidia is very special to me so I have revised her profile and posted her here for you. Please enjoy!

About the Girl

Name: Anya von Frauke
Meaning: "Grace of the falcon"
Sex: Female
Eye color: deep blue
Hair: Very dark blue so that it appears black except when light catches it; styled long to her knees. It's sometimes put up in a tight, neat bun with a few strands at the side, pulled back at the nape of the neck, or just left down. She has long, uneven fringe that parts slightly on her left.
Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
Weight: 118 lbs (54 kg)
Build: Anya is petite with a small frame. Her overall muscle structure is limited to average for her size but she has excessively strong grip and longer than average fingers which give her an unusually resilient dexterity.

Blood Type: B. She is straightforward and like to do things her way. She is creative with solving problems but can become too nitpicky on cumbersome details that can lead her astray from her goals.
Sun Sign: Cancer. Anya is an independent spirit. She also has a strong sense and desire for survival. She is confident and cocky in public but in private she is insecure and unsure about her decisions. She likes to make it appear that she has less to off then she really does.

Likes: TV talk shows and health food
Dislikes: Most meat, people that talk and have nothing to say
Favorite Subjects: Sociology, psychology (she's interested in why people do things)
Least Favorite Subjects: Grammar (she's terrible at it)
Favorite Gemstone: Obsidian (Obsidian stones are said to protect soft hearted individuals and aid against depression. Anya isn't aware of these traits that her stone carries, but she feels its comforting powers.)
Future Goals: Her present goals are to find her estranged sister who she believes in on Earth. She wants to tell her news that their Father, King Yukio has found a means of communicating to her and telling her that their mission to destroy the White Moon Kingdom has not been completed. Then, with her sister at her side she hopes to destroy what's left of the Moon Kingdom.

When she discovers that her sister has no recollection of her, she determines that Sakura has been brainwashed by the enemy. She sets up a plan to destroy them and win back her only living relative. She hopes to awaken Sailor Astera's dark powers once more.

Strengths: Straightforwardness, understanding her limits
Weaknesses: Easily distracted by personal interests, ultimately weak of heart
Personality: Anya isn't as badass as her older sister. She gives off the fa├žade of being all cool, calm, and ready to take on the world, but inside she's very unsure of herself. She was yanked from her home town in Germany and brought to Japan on the whim of a dream that promised her the position she rightfully deserved. While part of her wanted to believe the man in her dreams that called himself her 'father,' she also has the unnerving thought that she just might be crazy. She wants the truth, but until she discovers it first hand, she will play father's game.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Obsidia
Title: Soldier of Burden
Colors: Dark Blue and Black
Fuku: Her basic outfit is similar to Sailor Astera's evil outfit style, without some of the 'classic' elements of the super form. Obsdia wears a plain dark blue choker around the neck and has a black collar with a white stripe just above the edges going all the way around. Her front bow is four pronged and dark blue in color with a white, round brooch where her Obsidian crystal sits snugly. She has a white bodysuit and a black skirt with a large grey stripe along the bottom. She wears black high heeled shoes with ribbon criss-crossing up her shins. They end at a thick black band just below her knee. Her back bow is dark blue with a slightly 'leaf' shape; it has short bowtails. Sailor Obsidia wears no gloves.

The crescent moon on her forehead is a false mark. Obsidia has no connection to the Moon Kingdom. It is by her will this mark appears in imitation of Astera.

Powers: Blue fire, dark powers of Nemesis
Transformation: "Obsidian Crystal Power, Make up!" Anya twirls and her clothes disappear; and she continues to spin. Her fuku appears piece by piece, starting with her collar and making its way down to her shoes. A large gust of wind blows, and there is a close up of her face, where she winks, then it zooms out. Anya then tosses her hair behind her shoulders, and poses as Sailor Obsidia.
Weapons: Obsidia Katana
Obsidia Blade: Obsidia extends her arm to the side, and her long sword appears in her hand. She grips it tightly, and takes a 'battle stance'. The sword has a long, silver, double blade, and the handle is a gold color. There is a replica of the Obsidian crystal at the base of the blade, appearing on both sides. She is very skilled at using her sword, and most of the time, pretty accurate when she strikes.
Obsidian Aphotic Radence: Obsidia removes the crystal from her bow, and extends her arms outward with her palms facing upwards. She yells "Obsidia Aphotic...", not completely finishing her attack. After those two words, the crystal begins to rise from her hands, until it is level with her eyes. There is a blue light glowing from inside the crystal. She then swiftly turns her palms around to face the opponent and yells "Blaze!", and a long trail of fire shoots out from inside of the crystal towards the opponent, surrounding them in dark blue flames that will burn for a moment, then plunge the opponent into darkness from which it is unlikely they can escape on their own.
Obsidia Illumin Sear: Obsidia screams the name of the attack, and outstretches her arms towards the enemy releasing a powerful blast of dark blue fire from her fingertips.

Mission: To find her sister and awaken her powers to fight the White Moon Kingdom senshi so that Sailor Moon can not come to power in the 30th century.
Fighting Style: offensive and aggressive
Relationship with Sakura: Anya looks up to Sakura in the way most younger sisters look up to their older sibling. There was some rivalry when they were younger, but eventually Anya grew to accept her place as the second born and pledged to always help and protect her sister. She cares about Sakura a lot and when Sakura would lose her temper it was Anya that would bring her back down. Not that Anya wasn't prone to her own outbursts (she hardly heeded her own advice) but with Sakura, Anya was the compliment. When they were separated it devastated her. Anya didn't have the comforting dreams of her father like Astera did; she grew alone and afraid.

When she meets up with Sakura again, after she has been healed by Sailor Moon, Sakura doesn't recognize Anya. Anya is wracked with pain and confusion and begins to doubt that her the spirit of father, now visiting her many years later) is telling the truth. She eventually resigns that she must save her sister.

Extended History: Anya is the adopted daughter of the King and Queen of Yukio, the parents of Princess Astera. They named her in honor of the planet Astera's moon: Obsidia. Though technically Astera's half sister, she is treated as a full blood royal within the family. She understands that as the elder sister, Princess Astera, is destined to be the Queen of the solar system and she wants to fully support her sister whom she admires deeply. When the planet Astera and its moon were destroyed in the great battle against Serenity, Anya was with Sakura on the dark moon Nemisis. Shortly after their father's death, the two girls were contacted by their father through dreams. Something occurred one night which changed Anya forever, but her memories of it were vague and disturbing afterwards.

The Dark Moon sensed the change in the girls and knew they would be too powerful together, possibly a threat. So, they decided to have them separated.

Anya was brought to the past on Earth with a surveillance team of the Dark Moon as a servant. They were searching for strong points of energy that indicate where Sailor Moon would appear. This particular time, they were looking in the southern regions of Germany. They abandoned Anya there. With no one to turn to, she was forced to wander the streets alone and afraid. She was attacked by a drunken man one night when she was found trying to take some food from his bag. Running from him, she was sideswiped by a bicyclist. She woke up in a German hospital with no recollection of who she was. She grew up in an orphanage and was given the name "Anya von Frauke" for her smooth, predatory personality.

Two years later, when Astera's mission 'failed,' their father contacted Anya and tried to revive her; he told her that she had living relatives in Japan. Anya was flooded with memories of her past. She became torn between the reality she thought she knew and the reality that was. Determined to find this long lost sibling (she didn't know yet who the voice of her father was), she ran away to Japan. She began to recall her history as the younger Princess of that long forgotten planet. A dark power within her was growing and the dormant powers of the sailor soldier awakened within her. To find out more about what happened, stay tuned for the sequel to Return of Astera. :D