Otaku Senshi: Sailor Obsidia Art

This is the collection images featuring Sailor Obsidia. She is reatured in the sequel to Return of Astera which is coming soon! If you have some art of Sailor Obsidia that you'd like posted here, just check out the Get Involved page for details on how to submit!

By Sakura
Sakura created this image for Sailor Obsidia's profile page.

Sailor Obsidia by Sakura

By Cara
Cara made these wonderful edits of Sailor Obsidia!

Cara's first edit of Sailor Obsidia Cara's second edit of Sailor Obsidia Cara's third edit of Sailor Obsidia
By Chibichan
Chibichan made this adorable chibi image of Sailor Obsidia. Check out her Site Collective to see her various projects!

Adorable chibi of Sailor Obsidia

By Purenightshade
This was a commissioned image by Pure. Check out her site collective Keverynn dot Net which features all kinds of Otaku Senshi sites.

Sailor Astera and Sailor Obsidia

By Crystalle
Crystalle made this image of Sailor Obsidia. The base is from this site.

Sailor Obsidia

By Phoenix
This little sprite was made by request by Phoenix. Check out her site, Moonlight Mayham .

Sailor Obsidia sprite