Music Videos by Sakura

I started making music videos for fun in 2006. Presently, there are four videos available for download. To download the file if you are using a PC, right click on the link and choose "Save File As..." Mac users can also right click, or hold Ctrl and click with a one button mouse. If you just click on the link, you might be able to watch them in your browser. Thanks for viewing!

PGSM Music Videos

Sayonara ~ Sweet Days (17.8 MB, .wmv, 05:07 min) - This music video explores the relationships between Minako/Sailor Venus and other characters in the live action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. This video contains major PGSM spoilers.

Breakdown (7.23 MB, .wmv, 01:59 min) - A more light-hearted video to some DDR music that includes lots of action. This video contains PGSM some spoilers.

Anime Music Videos

Never There (27.1 MB, .mpg, 02:24 min) - This video takes the breakup of Mamoru and Usagi in the second season and puts it to some Cake music.

The Scientist (18.3 MB, .mpg, 05:19 min) - I always wanted to make a music video to this song with Hotaru and her father. Originally, I wrote a song fiction with these lyrics. I am very happy to be able to bring you this video version! Enjoy!

Genocide (74.2 MB, .wmv, 03:29 min) - Sailor Galaxia, kicking butt and taking names, with a little Starlights, Neptune, and Uranus mixed in (Saturn and Pluto make a tiny cameo as well!)