Canon Fanart by Sakura

My first drawing of Eternal Sailor Moon; I didn't quite have the 'anime' face down.  ^_^ Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon drawn from an image online. A manga-style version of Sailor Chibi Moon in an eternal outfit Usagi looking apprehensive; I loved this in the manga! Neo-Queen Serenity, the object of Diamond's desire. Eternal Sailor Moon - manga style with her first appearance.  Yay feathers! This is a decent drawing of Eternal Sailor Moon done in ink and Prismacolor colored pencils.  The position is taken from a MIXX manga, when she first meets Galaxia face to face in the Palace.  The face looks a little odd but over all, it's okay. Super Sailor Moon, with manga color scheme, calling the Holy Grail.  POsition drawn from the StarS MIXX manga. Usagi in a 'real' form.  Just a sketch. I guess this could be in villains too but ah well.  Drawn looking at different poses in the manga. Super Sailors Jupiter and Mercury Super Sailors Mars and Venus Super Sailor Butt-Kicking Jupiter Sailor Moon... um.. yep.  ^_^ Sailor Mercury portrait A moment with Minako and Rei. Haha, I'm insane! Sparkling Wide Pressure - Sailor Jupiter Fanart! Shine Aqua Illusion - Sailor Mercury Fanart! Minako and Usagi caught in a moment. Sailor Uranus with her planet. Sailor Pluto copied from a manga image in pencil. Sailor Neptune, manga style with planet.  ^^;; The Desert Senshi, Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne Sailor Iron Mouse, attack! Sailor Lead Crow Sailor Aluminium Seirn