Cosplay Fanart by Sakura

Here are some of the Sailor Moon costumes that I own. I made Esmeraude, Xiao, Deimos and Phobos; my friend Songy This is a link to another site. made Sailor Astera and I commissioned Sailor Syrin from Kali This is a link to another site..

Deimos and Phobos Esmeraude/Emerald Sailor Syrin Sailor Xiao Sailor Astera - Two Form Sailor Astera vs. Princess Serenity

I made these props for Sailor Moon cosplay. The wand is for PGSM's Queen Mio and the glaive is for Saturn, of course.

Queen Mio's Wand Silence Glaive

These are various brooches and other items that I have made for canon and fan senshi.

Dark Moon Earrings Sailor Star Brooch Sailor Saturn Brooch Sailor Mene's Choker Sailor Neona Brooch Northern Star's Brooch