Cosplay Fanart by Sakura


Here are some of the Sailormoon costumes that I own. I made Esmeraude, Xiao, Deimos and Phobos; my friend Songy This is a link to another site. made Sailor Astera and I commissioned Sailor Syrin from Kali This is a link to another site.. At this time, I do not take costume commissions.

Deimos and Phobos Esmeraude/Emerald Sailor Syrin Sailor Xiao Sailor Astera - Two Form Sailor Astera vs. Princess Serenity


I made these props for Sailor Moon cosplay. The wand is for PGSM's Queen Mio and the glaive is for Saturn, of course. I am available for commission for some items like this.

Queen Mio's Wand Silence Glaive


These are various brooches and other items that I have made for canon and fan senshi. Some of the brooches I designed for the client based on their character's outfit. If you are interested in commissioning a small brooch or item from me, please visit the Store.

Dark Moon Earrings Sailor Star Brooch Sailor Saturn Brooch Sailor Mene's Choker Sailor Neona Brooch Northern Star's Brooch