Fanart: Jeffery A

I came across Jeffery A's fanart when a friend gave me a link to his fansite. These are not images you want to pass up; Jeffery has talent! He presents our favorite characters in zany, but likely circumstances that will have you laughing and probably crying too! First it must be stated that this is a mere sampling of the fanart that Jeffery A has to offer in the fanart section of his page. After you check these out, when you want more, visit Realm of Sailor Energy This is a link to another site. and go to the fanart section. The site has tons more to do as well, but I just could not resist asking Jeffery to have a guest gallery here - some of these images are just hilarious. So pardon the text links, but they enhance and not inhibit the experience of the fanart that is Jeffery A. Enjoy!

"Villains of Sailor Moon (Classic)"
"Villains of Sailor Moon R"
"Villains of Sailor Moon S"
"Villains of Sailor Moon SuperS"
"Villains of Sailor Moon SailorStars"
"Finally Done with the House Cleaning"
"What's this...?"
"Butterfly on the Nose"
"A Backup In Case of Blackout"
"Sailor Pluto responds to an Ugent Emergency"
"Sailor Saturn responds to an Ugent Emergency"
"Sailor Uranus responds to an Ugent Emergency"
"Sailor Mars's Secret Trick with Her Anti-evil Signs"
"Rainy Day for Haruka"
"Hero VS Villain: Mars Vs Cooan (Catzi)"
"Hero VS Villain: Jupiter Vs Nephrite (Nephlite)"
"Hero VS Villain: Venus Vs Mimete"
"Hero VS Villain: Mercury Vs Beruche (Berte)"
"Hero VS Villain: Wiseman Vs Sailor Moon"
"Hero VS Villain: Tuxedo Mask (Kamen) Vs Prince Demando (Diamond)"
"Hero VS Villain: Mars Vs. Eudial"
"Ami (Amy) the Mermaid"
"Michiru (Michelle) the Mermaid"
"Rei (Raye) the Mermaid"
"Minako (Mina) the Chibi Angel"
"Rei (Raye) the Chibi Angel"
"Usagi (Serena) the Chibi Angel"
"Formal Dress Michiru (Michelle)"
"Formal Dress Haruka (Amara)"
"Formal Dress Usagi (Serena)"
"Formal Dress Chibi-Usa (Rini)"
"Casual Dress Makoto (Lita)"
"Casual Dress Minako (Mina)"
"Bathing Suit Fashion Chibi Chibi"
"Bathing Suit Fashion Usagi (Serena)"
"Bathing Suit Fashion Makoto (Lita)"
"Bathing Suit Fashion Minako (Mina)"
"Stars in the Eyes"
"The Sacred Fire"

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