Fanart: Fabu

Here are some great otaku senshi edits by Fabu! The senshi, in order of appearance, are: Sailor Anubis, Pseudo Sailor Chaos, Sailor New Moon, Sailor Icthy, Sailor Orca, and Sailor SeaStar.

The second group are: Sailor Butterfly, a healed counterpart of Sailor Cocoon/Sailor Heavy Metal Pappilon (KISS doll by Megan); Sailor Mermaid, a Sailor Aluminum Seiren (Siren) counterpart; and her other original characters: Sailor Moonbow, Sailor Rainbow, Sailor Darkness, Sailor Earth, and Sailor Kitsune.

The Third group are: Sailor Chibi Twilight (2), Shadow Sailor, Sailor Silver Star, Eternal Sailor Angel, and Sailor Mau. Also included are Fabu's neo senshi.

Thank you Fabu for all of these GREAT fanart images!

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