Updates 2010

January 23
Welcome to the new SailorAstera.com! Happy Ten Year Anniversary!!

Updates 2009

August 17th
Today I finished a new AMV. It's The Offspring's "Genocide" with lots of Sailor Galaxia kicking butt. Check the Music Video page for the download. <3

June 21
It's been a while, but Chapter Six of The Forgotten Truth is finally up! Since I'm revising these chapters so far apart from one another, I really would appreciate it if you let me know about any inconsistencies I might have written. Thanks for your support while I work through revising this story. ^_^

February 15
Well, I've done it. I've finally eliminated the biggest cliche that Sailor Astera has, which has always bothered me: her blood ties to the Moon Kingdom. They are gone now. I've rewritten her history, and the Moon Kingdom connection is a falsehood. I will update the fic ASAP. I feel GOOD. Astera is her OWN senshi. *dance*

February 8
Chapter Five of The Forgotten Truth is up. Please let me know what you think of this new installment if you've been following the story. :D Made a new updates page for 2009! ^_^