Fanfiction: Return of Astera

Welcome to the soundtrack for Return of Astera, my first full length fanfiction. All of these songs were written and produced by my friend, Synthetic Consciousness. Check out his ACIDPlanet site This is a link to another site.. I have to thank him very much for allowing me to use these wonderful dark tracks to compliment my fiction. I am very excited to share this with you all.

To listen to an MP3, simply click on the track name. Or right click on the Track Number and choose "Save File As..." then choose your favorite player to listen!

Track Number Track Title
Track 1 Living With My Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
(Return of Astera Theme Opener)
Track 2 Reich
(Asterian War Song)
Track 3 Birth of Vengeance
(Astera Transformation - Extended Version)
Track 4 292.81
(Brainwashing Kiss - Waking Kuzreo)
Track 5 Lost Souls
(General Kuzreo's Theme)
Track 6 Thelchtere
(A Time To Slip Away - Waking Thyrei)
Track 7 Head Case
(General Thyrei's Theme)
Track 8 Staring O
(In The House of Mirrors)
Track 9 Chrysalis
(Healing of Astera)