Otaku Senshi: Sailor Tiane's Profile

Sailor Tiane
(Reading this profile may give away spoilers to the short story involving Sailor Tiane and Unit.)

Basic Info
Civilian Name: Shaina Nathalia Ories
Meaning: "beautiful born warrior of light" in her native language
Nickname: Her boyfriend Caleb calls her just Shay sometimes.
Sex: Female
Age: 12 years, however, this approximates to roughly the same age as an 18-year-old girl on Earth.

Eyes: Dark gray
Hair: Her hair is naturally a light brown but she highlights it with a tone that makes it appear almost orange. She keeps it in a short bob which tends to be frizzy, slightly curly, and more or less out of control.
Skin Tone: Fair and clear
Height: 5’9" (175 cm)
Weight: 148 lbs. (67kg)
Build: Shaina is pretty proportional except for being a little wide in the hips; she has a strong muscular build in her legs and torso. She also has hands and feet that seem a little too big for her body.
Birthday: She was born in the sixth month of the 18-month cycle that the people of the planet Tiane use in their calendar.

Favorite Stuff
Food: Leafy vegetables for their texture and ability to take on other flavoring
School Subject: Botany - Due to her personal and close connection with the planet, Shaina finds that she is always interested in learning about everything that inhabits it. She is particular interested in plants because of the fact that so many people consider them less ‘alive’ than other organisms.
Gemstone: Kunzite for its warm pink glow
Color: Pink because it’s vibrant and fun

Least Favorite Stuff
Food: Greasy foods because they upset her stomach
School Subject: Tech Training - All able bodied men and women are required to serve at least 2 year in the military forces upon completion of their education and training. In turn their schooling is free. Shaina opted for technical studies in machine mechanics but she hates the class because there’s not personal passion or appeal in it for her.
Colors: grey; consequentially, she hates her eye color

Additional Stats
Dreams: To protect the planet Tiane and live peacefully with her friends and family, to own her own Greenhouse and rare herbal store
Lingual Skills: Her native Talanian
Innate Ability: Shaina retains a hyper-accurate sense of sight out of her senshi form. Not only is she able to see great physical distances with high accuracy, she can also see auras of power.
Strengths: Optimist, good sense of humor
Weaknesses: She’s very materialistic
Fears: Losing the ones she loves, being killed in battle
Hobbies: shopping, running, playing cards

Living Situation: Shaina lives with her mother and father and six brothers, two older and four younger. The family lives in a large house in a suburban area outside of a major metropolitan city. The house is owned by Shaina’s maternal grandfather who runs an international shipping business. Her father works for the company and her mother stays at home.

School: Shaina is enrolled in a third tier educational facility akin to a high school on Earth. She has two years left before she will graduate from the academy and enter two years of military service. Her oldest brother is a mechanic. Her second oldest brother is in the military stationed over seas. All four of her younger brothers are in the first tier of school, the youngest two being twins in their first year.

Shaina is a very happy-go-lucky individual. There aren’t a lot of situations that stress her out, but she has lead a relatively simple and peaceful life. She has been pampered a little, being the only daughter in the family. As a result, she is a bit ‘high maintenance’ requiring at least an hour and a half to get ready in the morning before she considers herself ‘presentable‘ to the world. She is very fond of being in style and loves to have the latest fashions at her fingertips; logically, she enjoys shopping. She is sensitive about ‘big feet’ comments and won‘t often be seen without shoes that fully cover her feet. She basically dreads flip flops. She is an emotionally needy individual and a definite attention seeker. She loves to be in a crowd and her witty humor usually allows her to easily keep other’s focused on her. However, she can feel down and very despondent if she goes long periods of time without sharing in company. She tries to be confident and project an outward appearance of having it all, but there are times when she feels very unsure about her future and very out of control of her life’s destiny. Occasionally, she worries that she might be letting precious time slip away without really doing anything important.

Sailor Senshi Stats
Sailor Name: Sailor Tiane
Title: Soldier of Golden Flames
Challenge: "I am the Soldier of Golden Flames, Sailor Tiane! My bright light will penetrate the darkest heart!"

Origin: The planet Tiane, located in a small solar system traveling around the galaxy within the Cygnus Arm. Its sun is a late-life main sequence star about 20,000 light years from Earth. There are two other uninhabited planets in the solar system. As far as Shaina knows, there are no Sailor Senshi from those planets.

Realm of Influence: Light (flame)
Power Color: Teal or Gold (it fluctuates according to her power levels, gold is the strongest)
Symbol: [image]
The cross represents the purification by flame, while the connected orbs symbolize the melting pot of a crucible
Transformation Phrase: Tiane Star Power, Make Up!
Transformation Sequence: Shaina raises her hands into the air over her head, palms up, and shouts out her transformation phrase as a warm pink glow forms all around her. As she rises off the ground, her civilian clothing dissolves revealing her shimmering teal body. A bright pink light bursts from her hands and fades into teal as it descends down her twirling body. This creates her bodice, and as the light reaches her hips, it bursts outward in a supernova of light resulting in the formation of her skirt and back bow. From the toes up, her boots form in spiraling ribbons of pink. Then golden starbursts flare from the top of the boots, forming the decoration there. She lowers her arms as her sailor collar sprouts and two front ribbons unfurl from the brooch of the bodice. She crosses her arms in front of her as her helmet forms on her head and her wrist bands appear. With a final spin, the extra long back ribbons unfurl from her back bow and she strikes her final pose.

Physical Changes: Her hair returns to it's natural, darker color and it lengthens to extend out the top of her helmet.

Outfit: [original concept sketch]
Sailor Tiane’s sailor outfit is a two piece. The bodice is sleeveless, violet red, and bordered along the bottom edge by a thick teal stripe of fabric under her bust. At the center of the chest there is a brooch which is shaped similar to an up-side-down crown with five points. Its upper edge is tucked beneath her sailor collar which flows over her shoulders in two layers: the under layer is teal, while the top is violet red. Extending from under the brooch are two thick teal pedals that arc upwards slightly. Two violet red ribbons also extend from the bottom of the brooch, hanging loosely to her waistband.

Around her neck, Sailor Tiane wears a teal chocker with a small replica of her brooch attached to the bottom center. Her wrists each have a violet red band around them with two small arcs of teal fabric tucked under them along the inside of her wrist.

Her head is mostly covered by a violet red helmet that comes to a point on her forehead at a five pointed crown which replaces the traditional tiara. From the crown, two teal pedals extend in small upward arcs. Atop the helmet is another crown, showing five points from a frontal view. Unlike the brooch and other flattened crowns, this part is ‘in the round’ allowing her hair to come out from under the helmet and flow around the back.

Sailor Tiane’s skirt has a thick teal waist band which is slightly less v-shaped than traditional sailor outfits. The edges of the waistband are lined with thinner, violet red bands along the top and bottom. Her circle skirt is not pleated and has two layers: the top is teal, while the bottom is violet red. Her back bow is a traditional ‘regular’ style bow in teal with traditional ‘regular’ length bow tails. In addition, two longer ribbon-like bow tails in violet red extend from under the back bow to her ankles.

The boots Sailor Tiane wears are thigh length and mainly violet red. They have thick, clunky heels and point in a downward v shape at the top. The band along the top of the boots is violet red. From this point, two teal sections of fabric wrap around her upper boot. Protruding from under the fabric on each boot is another up-side-down crown with five points exposed. Once again, two small arcs of teal pedals extend from under the crowns on each boot.

Weapons: the ‘sunbursts’ on her outfit can be used as Shuriken (throwing stars)

Attacks: Name: Corsican Spiral (uses weapon, offensive)
Appearance: Firing rapidly upwards, Sailor Tiane releases an assault of her golden crown shaped weapons which descend from above towards an opponent in spiraling patterns. They cause physical damage to weaker material (fabric, flesh, etc.) and can severely damage the strength of harder materials (metal, stone, etc.) The golden flamed ‘tails’ of the spiraling crowns can also cause damage, even if the actual object misses the target. They vanish shortly after contact.

Name: Sprue Luster (offensive)
Appearance: Releasing this attack will ‘fill’ the opponent with golden flame causing spouts of fire to flow from their orifices and injuries.

Sailor History & Mission:
Sailor Tiane’s mission is to protect the planet Tiane and its 1.8 billion inhabitants. She guarded Tiane in her senshi form from a distance for several hundred decades before conceding to her loneliness and desire to interact personally with the people of her planet. In her entire memory, she had never had to use her powers to defend her charge. She decided to will her Sailor Crystal to be reborn into the womb of a woman she thought suitable to be her guardian. She grew up as an ordinary baby until her tenth birthday when her dormant power awakened within her. She recalled her reasoning and decided it was foolish to have taken that path because of what might have happened in her absence. She had just made the decision to leave her relatively new family to return to her solitude, when she met and fell in love with a young man named Caleb. Finally able to share her secrets with someone she truly cared about, Shaina decided to stay.

As Shadow Galactica gained strength, sailor senshi around the galaxy fell to Sailor Galaxia’s power. In the middle stages of the war, there were so many senshi that had signed on to sell their souls instead of die that Galaxia did not need recruitments. She sent her most capable Animamates at the time, Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow, to destroy planets and kill the Sailor Senshi of carious solar systems in the Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way. There was no need to offer them any bargains; the Animamates were only meant to kill as much as they could and return with as many Sailor Crystals as possible in the shortest amount of time. Consequently, when the Animamates arrived on the planet Tiane, they made quick work of the inexperienced Sailor Tiane and left the planet in a state of post-apocalyptic disarray. Shaina’s boyfriend, Caleb, witnessed her death and promised to try to protect the planet in her stead. It was through his efforts that an artificial senshi was created to protect what was left of the planet. This solider was known as Unit CP-X01. To read more about what happened, please see the related short story.