Otaku Senshi: Unit CP-X01 Profile

(Sakura is currently working on a short story about this brand new senshi; check out Part One of the short already posted. She is not truly a sailor senshi as you will see. ^.~)

About the "Girl"

Nickname: Unit, Uni
Meaning: Uni is short for Unit CP-X01 which is her Model Name
Sex: None, but appears female
Date of Creation: Within a year after the creation of Shadow Galactica
Age: Ageless, but appears in her late teens.
Height: 5'11"
Eye color: Gray. When one takes a very close look at Uni-ko's eyes with a bright light some of the mechanics of her internal components can be seen.
Skin color: Her skin is very pale, almost yellowish. She has no pores, no hair, and no markings of any kind.
Hair: When not in her armor, Uni-ko has no hair.
Blood Type: None. When injured, Uni-ko leaks AI circuitry plasma, a bluish-gray solid/liquid that is necessary for Unit's electro magnetic circuits to function properly.
Build: Uni-ko was built to appear strong and intimidating, but also feminine. She has a sturdy torso and strong legs with broad shoulders and great posture. Her chest is well endowed and her hips a little wide. She was modeled after the exact proportions of a young woman named Shaina.

Likes: logic, battles, learning
Dislikes: inconsistency, idleness
Favorite Activities: Watching Caleb, her creator, and asking him constant questions
Least Fav Activities: Uni-ko is not fond of any subject that deals with subjectivity, including concepts of love, hate, or friendship
Future Goals: Her constant goal is to protect the star she was built to defend.
Strengths: physical strength and ability, logic
Weaknesses: Uni-ko cannot understand concepts such as 'good and evil,' emotions, and death.
Personality: Her personality, if you can call it that, is actually programmed to be as similar to Shaina as Caleb could make her to be, complete with girlish giggle. She says and does things light heartedly but it is all a program. Shaina was a bit of a high-maintenance kind of girl; she expected certain things in regards to her personal treatment and had a way of interrupting conversations that many people found annoying or rude. But Shaina was not a shallow girl. She honestly cared deeply about the ones she loved and would do basically anything to protect them. While she was interested in gossip and chatter and often listened in on such information, she was never one to divulge any secret with which she was entrusted. Still, she was a bit vain and did appreciate the frequent compliments that she often received from her devote partner Caleb. Many people found it hard to understand how the two of them got along seeing as they seemed to be polar opposites, but Caleb saw beyond her self-conscious bouts for attention and grew to love the passionate and dedicated girl beneath the surface. When Caleb was with Shaina he felt like her could take on the world. She was encouraging and open with him as she was with anyone who had the tolerance and patience to befriend her.

Senshi Name: Unit CP-X01 (Central Processing Unit: Model X01)
Colors: gray-white
Outfit: She has a fitted outfit constructed of tungsten carbide plates that form a bodice, skirt, shoulder armor, bracers, knee armor, boots, and helmet. The plates form angular planes and spikes run across her shoulders and back of her forearms. The metal's melting point is 3412 degrees C and it is very strong and resistant to almost any attack. However, she is not completely covered in it, and her exterior layer has similar resistance to that of human skin. When cut it can be regenerated, but not instantly. Unit contains small microscopic mechanisms called type-a regenerators. They are basically small builders that can regenerate material to repair Unit. Unfortunately, it is not a fool-proof method; if the damage to Unit is intense enough, her type-a regenerators will not be able to mend her before the loss of AI circuitry plasma is too great for Unit to function. She can in effect 'die' this way.
Powers: Physical. Unit has no 'powers' technically speaking. She is a senshi built and relies upon her weapons and physical power in battle.
Transformation: Unit is found in the nude and in her first 'transformation' she simply sprouts her armor. Later, when she is clothed, the armor rips apart the clothing as it generates. She never has a transformation phrase, but does take up the practice of mimicking the senshi in raising one arm.


GU-11 AssassinsBane - Rapid fire barrels that run along the sides of her torso; these small barrels appear flat along her sides when they are not loaded, when loaded they click out into place. With four five-inch barrels on each side, these machine-gun style weapons are great in a pinch.

I-K Mobile Armor I.D.H.E.D. - This heavy-duty cannon will blast holes in walls - and people. It fires a large charge that explodes on impact with the power of a high-explosive warhead. This weapon would be used for short-range and has a limited ability for homing a target.

GU-11 gunpods - Mounted on both of her shoulders, these precision fire barrels can be utterly destructive. They are able to target points up to 3,000 ft. (914m) away and feature infrared sighting for low visibility. They fire short intermittent laser rays that can be targeted to the millimeter.

Deahmon MK 2 Heavy Repeater - Plasma ray gun that emits a wide, powerful stream. Mounted on her left arm, this weapon appears as one of her braces when not loaded. Once loaded, it takes at least 45 seconds to power up before its first blast and can take up to two full minutes to cool and recharge. The mouth of the weapon appears like an open beak of a bird of prey and heat shields surround the backing of the firing unit to protect Unit's exposed outer layer.

Extended History: Unit's story starts on the planet Tiane in the twin-star system called 'Nova Rey' located in the Centaurus arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Tiane is the only planet in this system; its orbit is around the primary star with a secondary star in orbit outside of that (like Gamma Cephei). This planet was the home and life of pretty suited sailor soldier Sailor Tiane. Tiane was the lone senshi her solar system as hers was the only planet. Here she guarded the planet and the people but since they were in so remote a location, very little trouble ever came their way. Sailor Tiane was privileged to live mostly in a civilian form.

When Galaxia made her rounds through the Milky Way, Nova Rey was one of the many places her underlings devastated before arriving at the Sol System. Arriving on the eve of the winter solstice, the anima-mates made quick rubble of the major cities and populations of Tiane.

Sailor Tiane at the time of the coordinated attack had been in her civilian form as Shaina walking home with her soul-mate, a Tianian boy named Caleb. Since her outer star's alarms had failed to activate and the intruders entered the system undetected, Tiane sensed the attack only moments before it occurred. Once transformed (for Caleb knew of her true form) Sailor Tiane first encountered Sailor Aluminum Siren. Before Tiane could even place an attack Aluminum Siren thrust a forty-four inch long scrap of steel shrapnel at her. Caleb, who had remained far behind, caught up just in time to see his beloved's body pierced straight through her sternum and out her lower back. Aluminum Siren then removed Tiane's Sailor Crystal and as fast as Shadow Galactica had come they were gone.

Caleb went to Shaina's side as she lay dying, "They may come back," she managed to say, "do what you can to protect... this star." With her mission a failure and the planet all but demolished Caleb resigned himself to build a machine that would take her place in the defense of Tiane. UnitCP-X01 is the product of those efforts; she is a programmed copy of Shaina complete with self-dispelling armor and an array of weaponry.