Otaku Senshi: Tiane & Unit Art

Sailor Tiane and Unit have their galleries together because they are characters that revolve around one another. Tiane is the senshi that was meant to be, and Unit is her replacement after her demise. Please enjoy these wonderful images!

By Chuuko
This was the first image Sakura ever requested of Sailor Taine. Isn't it beautiful? Sakura really pictures Taine as being this glamorous and graceful while in her prime as a sailor senshi. Thank you so much to Chuuko for this great image! Please see Chukko's deviantART site.

By DavisJes
For an art trade, DavisJes made this interpretive drawing of Sailor Tiane. Check out her deviantART site for more gerat art!

By Kristian
And of course, to complete the collection, Kristian made these two as well. <3 Much thanks for all the amazing little ones!

By Lorelei
Does this girl do too much for Sakura or what? This was a requested image from TowerofTime.com done by the amazingly talented Lei-sama. And of course, as a complimentary gift with every ToT request, your own personalized sprite. ^_^

By Nanoha
This great image was created as a surprize gift for me by Nanoha! Isn't she lovely? Please take a moment to check out Nanoha's new site, Atomic Woman, but be aware that Firefox doesn't really like her coding and it looks the best in IE. ^_^

By Jadine R
This was a requested image of Sailor Tiane done by Jadine on the TOT message boards. Check out her SheezyART site.

By Ayashi
Someone once commented on one of the boards that they could only draw stick figures. Ayashi set out to prove stick figures still made great fanart. :P Check out her DeviantART site.

By WaterButterflyA
WaterButterflyA made this awesome image of Sailor Tiane along with Himeno's Sailor Caloris from Frozen Fire: Liquid Flame in "demon" forms! Check out her DeviantART site for more awesome fanart.

By Praesentia Spirit
This wonderful image was requested from Tower of Time. It is absolutely amazing!

By SoveriegnofSilence
This was a art trade worth its pixels in gold. Check out this amazingly talented artist's DeviantART site.

By Whipsering Shadow
Whispering Shadow made Taine look just stunning! Check out her DeviantART site.

By Bekuki
This adorable chibi of Tiane was made by Bekuki! Please, check out her DeviantART site for more great art.

By Sailorasianplum
Asianplum, AKA Pureblood, made this super cute image of Tiane. Isn't it adorable? <3

By Starchild
Starchild made this stellar image of Tiane and Unit together. So much passion! Please, check out her DeviantART site for more great art.

By Purenightshade
This stunning portrait of Unit was created by Pure as part of an A-Z project. U is for Unit! ^_^ Check out her DeviantART Gallery for more great art!

By Sakura
Sakura made this little sprite of her own little Unit to complete the collection. ^_^

By Lorelei
::bounce bounce bounce:: KAWAII!!!! Lei-chan spoils Sakura! Spoils her ROTTEN! *____*

By Cay
This was a requested image of Unit. The request page was at http://allglitter.cjb.net/ but it is apparently inactive now.

By Eira
Eira made this great pic of Unit! Her personality device must be activated because only Shania's personality would look THAT bored. ^^; Please check out her deviantART site.

By Eliptical Guardian
There are some people that just spoil Sakura. :3 Thank you so much EG for these stellar Unit images! Yes! Battle Mode! All the shiney weapons... ::drool::