Otaku Senshi: Sailor Sun's Profile

Sailor Sun with Helios and Chibiusa

About the Woman

Name: Surya
Name Meaning: Light
Eyes: blazing orange and yellow
Hair: white with blue undertones
Skin: very fair
Height: 5'

Likes: Daydreaming, romance, fairytales
Dislikes: worrying
Strong Points: warmth, honesty
Has Trouble With: making decisions
Dream: to see her son grow up and get married
Favorite Gemstone: Aquamarine, it enhances her spiritual and telepathic powers

Personality: Happy and a bit naive, Surya lives in basic isolation but still remains complacent and satisfied with her life. She enjoys her perspective on the Solar System and is generally optimistic. However, when it comes to her son, Surya becomes somewhat over protective and nervous. She is easily discouraged and generally lacks the ability to dig herself out of a rut when she finds herself in one.

About the Senshi

Sailor Name: Sailor Sun
Realm of Influence: memories
Transformation: Sun Prism Power, MAKE UP!
Colors: white, teal, light teal, gold
Outfit: [see image]

Attack: Brilliant Mémoire

Sailor History:
Sailor Sun's history, like all sailor senshi, begins in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy at the birthplace of all things, the Galaxy Cauldron. As the galaxy was forming and stars were being born, the Cauldron was sending out billions of core Sailor Crystals to ignite the new lights of the galaxy. These early crystals forged the path to their newborn solar systems and upon their arrival, forced the ignition of the dense central matter to begin the process of nuclear fusion. Ever since her arrival to Sol, she has been living at the center of the system and watching from afar as her beautiful neighborhood flourished. She watched the birth of the planets and saw the arrival of the new Sailor Crystals that would guard and grow with them.

A solitary soldier, she has been the protector of her star and guardian the Vault of Memories. This celestial vault, on it's surface, is the sacred space for the recorded history of Sol. (under development)

After a a few billion years, Sailor Sun began feeling lonely. She created a son, a boy in her image, named Helios. She wanted the best for her son and she raised him into a young man with honor and respect. Then a dark power arrived on the Sun. She sensed its evil awakening and she sent her beloved son to the Kingdom of Earth to be the Guardian of Dreams and keeper of Earth's Golden Crystal until the true powers of the crystal could be revealed. She also had an ulterior motive, a mother's instinct to keep him safe. She fought against the dark power on the Sun, but she was forced to retreat. The true power of the Golden Crystal was not awakened, and she watched in horror as the Silver Millennium fell.

Her son was trapped within the dead Kingdom of Earth, bound by his oath to protect the Golden Crystal. In her sadness, Sailor Sun sealed herself into the Vault of Memories to eternally relive the happy times they had spent together when her son had been with her.

The capture of Helios by Nehelenia revived her. Sensing her son was in danger, but unable to go to him, she used her telepathy to contact him and tell him that he was able to separate his soul from his body. Learning this new skill, Helios was able to take on the form of Pegasus and hide in Chibiusa's dream mirror.

Sailor Sun watched the scene unfold between Chibiusa and Helios and grew to care for the girl. When Helios returned to Elysian, the Golden Crystal had been returned to its rightful owner and he was free of his oath. He chose to return to the Sun to be with his mother, but knew he would return when his Prince ascended the thrown once more.

To get Helios to go back to Earth to marry that cute little pink-haired girl. Oh yes, and to guard the Vault of Memories.