Otaku Senshi: Sailor Sun Art

This is the collection of Sailor Sun Art. Please enjoy these lovely images! Sailor Sun is the mother of Helios which is why her appearance is close to his. If you have some art of Sailor Sun you'd like posted here, just check out the Get Involved page for details on how to submit!

By Sakura
This was the initial design for Sailor Sun by Sakura.

By Kris
This awesome little sprite was made by Kris. Check out his DeviantART page.

By Glory
This images was a request completed by Glory! See more great art on her DeviantART page.

By Starchild
Starchild made this amazing pixel art of Sailor Sun! Check out her DeviantART for more great images.

By Sailor Rhinya
This images was requested from Sailor Rhinya on the SSC message boards. Check out her web site, Sailor Rhinya's Senshi Haven