Otaku Senshi: Sailor Purple Cow's Profile

Name: Roi Alvis
Name Meaning: 'all wise shepherd'
Birthday: May 19

Appearance: Roi's eyes are large, deep brown, and kind of sad looking. Her tussled, short, dirty blonde hair falls in two tufts on the side of her face with loose, short bangs along her hairline. Her build is tough and wiry and her skin in tan. She weights 102 lbs (46kg) and she is 5'0" (152cm) tall. Most of her weight it muscle.

Blood Type: A
Sun Sign: Taurus
Gemstone: Hematite
Likes: Roi just loves anything cow related (obviously!) She collects stuffed cows and wears cow print clothing very often. Ice cream is her absolute favorite snack. She loves working outdoors and being in the sunshine, but there are some times when she just finds herself basking in the outdoors for relaxation. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite number is 23.
Dislikes: Roi is bothered by people who are too silly and don't know how to strap down and get the job done. She's a strictly no meat gal so she enhances her diet with lots of supplements. She does love milk and cheese products though! She hates the rain because it makes her feel sleepy.

Strong Points: assertive, strong, determined
Has Trouble With: empathy, over excited people, fast food
Dream: To own her own farm where she can grow healthy crops and raise cattle for show

Personality: Roi is a tough cookie. She always stands up for herself and her friends, sometimes even if they aren't right. For this reason, some people thing she is quite stubborn. But people close to her know that her opinions are flexible, but she won't admit it right away. It takes time for her to warm up to a new idea. She loves being with people and enjoys social situations, but she doesn't like it when the party gets out of hand. She get uncomfortable around people that are too touchy-feely unless she is already very close with them. She's adventurous and will bend the rules a little to have fun. When it really comes down to the bottom line though, she will do the right thing. She's a hard worker, very loyal friend, and a serious sailor senshi.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Purple Cow
Realm of Influence: The color pruple, cows and raspberries
Transformation Phrase: "Purple Spotted Cow, Make-UP!"

Colors: purple, light purple with medium purple spots, white, and gold
Outfit: She wears a light purple spotted cow print bodice with a white bust. She has a white belt shaped like a v over her purple pleated skirt. Her brooch is a golden star and her purple sailor collar has no stripes. Her choker is purple with a gold star. Her back bow is light purple spotted cow print and the ends are rounded like udders. She wears one thick purple band on her upper left arm. Her boots are just above her ankle and they are white and black cow print; they lace up the front. She has a golden star on her head and she wears one hoop earring in her left ear. She also have small purple cow horns.

Purple Cow Bash! Sailor Purple Cow charges up the attack then runs at the opponent with super speed and strength to head butt them and send them flying.
Purple Raspberry Pile! Sailor Purple Cow has to pin an opponent to perform this attack. When she says the attack, she leaps out of the way and a pile of raspberries appear where she had been, falling on the target.