Otaku Senshi: Sailor Nibiru

Sailor Nibiru

About the Girl

Name: Wilhelmina Hughes
Name Meaning: "soul protector"
Nickname: Billie
Birthday: March 1
Eyes: hazel
Hair: mousy brown and shoulder length, though usually tied up in a loose bun.
Skin: rosy brown
Height: 5'5"

Likes: reading, history (especially ancient Egypt and the Sumerians), beer
Dislikes: bananas, people that talk back
Hobbies: She collects beer steins. It started with her father's collection that she inherited from him when he passed away a few year after their parents seperated. Strong Points: sensitive to other's needs, gives good advice
Has Trouble With: knowing her own limits, keeping her temper
Dream: to be an archeologist

Personality: Billie is friendly and easy going. She likes good people, good parties, and a light atmosphere. But she's not afraid to get serious once in a while. She enjoys debating people on theology, spirituality, and life in general. She reads a lot and is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, spending lots of time on internet sites with such content. She is a big sci-fi fan and loves watching TV shows of that genre and history when she has the time for it. She loves to curl up with a good, obscure book and always will go for a strong cup of coffee.

Personal History: Billie was born as the fouth child in a middle class family in America. She was born dead, her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. However, the doctors were able to revive her. Because of this slight mishap, her memories of her mission were wiped from her mind.

Her parents seperated shortly after her birth and she was mainly raised by her older sister MaryAnn. Her powers were awakened after a vision she had walking alone in a forest one day in which the priests of her home planet were able to contact her for a moment, giving her her tranformation item. From that point on, she renewed her mission on Earth (see below).

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About the Senshi

Sailor Name: Sailor Nibiru
Realm of Influence: Soul
Transformation Item: A small, bright blue bead shaped like a scarab that is approximately 1" in length. It is strung on a necklace with long, cylinder wooden beads that form three layers of a chocker.
Transformation: Nibiru Planet Power, MAKE UP!
Colors: red, yellow, white, black, gold
Outfit: [see image]

Items: A walking staff skillfully engraved with much detail, include four main features of an Ankh, a Cross, a Star of David, and the symbol of Ra

Guilty Pleasure - Nibiru draws out and multiplies the emotion associated with your guiltiest pleasure and cripples you with shame
More attacks in development

Sailor History & Mission: Sailor Nibiru was sent from war-like Nibiru to study Earth and learn of its religion, traditions, and cultures. She was meant to go and live among them, but not to become to involved. However, she fell in love with a man and abandoned her original mission to start a new life with him. Unfortunately, the other members of her home world became upset with her and have sent other senshi to Earth to find her and bring her back to Nibiru. Billie fears that she will be forced to choose between loyalty to her home world and defense of her loved ones.