Otaku Senshi: Sailor Matelea

About the Girl

Name: Acacia je'Nehru
Meaning: The origins of her native name in her home world's language translate roughly to "chaste love in the canal"

Sex: Female
Apparent Age: 17 yrs
Actual Age: 2,421 yrs
Height: 5'9" (179cm)
Weight: 148lbs (67kg)
Build: Acacia has a long torso, thin waist and bust, and heavier-set hips and thighs
Eye color: muddy green
Hair: faded goldenrod; it is very thick and when down, hangs to just below her breasts. She usually wears it in a high ponytail. Her bangs are short, parted in the center and curl in slightly.
Skin: Her skin tone is deeply tanned with a warm hue

Likes: working on time-consuming projects like puzzles, daydreaming
Dislikes: losing things, being late

Strengths: Strong ability for tactical planning and decisive action, sticks to her plans and will not usually back down, strong in complex thought processes
Weaknesses: "The sky is always falling" for her; every little problem can be a massive setback in her mind. There is some trouble with her naiveté and her inability to see or recognize her own shortcomings.
Personality: Acacia is very naive and innocent, but she does have a short temper. She is easily upset and unhinged when small problems arise. This can, in turn, cause her to be very flustered and she is generally not easily pacified in these situations. While she is technically rather intelligent, she lacks most basic common sense and tact. She is easily taken advantage of and it is very easy to lie to her and manipulate her. She is sometimes quick enough to catch on to those who try to take advantage of her, but often enough, these individuals are ready with a new lie to dissuade her suspicion. All faults aside, she is a very dedicated and helpful individual. She is also a natural leader when all her affairs are in order and she can remain focused. She has high ideals and morals and wants the best for all those she comes in contact with. She is naturally very curious and often she will work to find out a great deal about something even if it is not particularly important to what she is meant to be doing at the time.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Matelea

Colors: willow green (#7DA25D), izmir purple (#732C68), black (#000000) and antique gold (#A5916C)
Outfit: Click here; a detailed outfit description will open in a new window

Realm of Influence: Sensory perception

Transformation Item: A compass compact on a golden chain; it is approximately 1.5" in diameter. The top has an engraving of which Matelea does not know the origin. It is a double square on top of an eight-pointed star with four points from the corners of the square longer and thinner than the other four. The points are all divided in half by a centerline. A vertical line runs up the center of the inner square stopping sort of the border at the top and bottom. Engraved to the right and left of this line are two stacked semi circles with the open sections towards the centerline. Between the two semi circles on each side is a small raised dot.
Transformation Phrase: "Matelea Planet Power, MAKE UP!"
Transformation Sequence: Under Construction

Fighting Style: She prefers magic based battles to physical ones but can fair well in either; she likes to outwit her opponents and often tries to trick them in battle
Strengths: Matelea has a strong resistance to illusions
Weaknesses: If she gets overly agitated or aggravated she can easily lose her focus and make mistakes

Name: Emblematize
Effect: Causes the opponent to see everything upside down and in reverse. If the opponent tries to walk forwards, they will move backwards. If they try to lift their right arm, they will lift their left, etc. This can cause damage, injury or death to the victim of the attack if they are not particularly careful.
Limits: The effects of this attack will wear off slowly with in 5-10 minutes.

Name: Create Collision
Effect: Alters the opponents depth perception and size perception; Matelea can cause herself to appear many, many times her actual size to intimidate, or she can cause herself to appear very, very small to make a quick escape. She can use this attack on objects as well. For example, she can make a small puddle appear as a vast lake.
Limits: Matelea maintains these illusions for as long as she can hold her concentration on them. If she forgets about the illusion, it will fade.

Name: Mind Eraser
Effect: This attack is the only directly damaging attack. It creates the effects of long term abuse of serotonergic psychedelic drugs. This attack will cause a temporary delirious or psychotic state which will quickly culminate into a total neural shut-down.
Limits: For this attack to have it's full effect, Matelea has to have phsical contact with the opponent for the duration of the attack. This is not always possible. It is unlikely to survive this attack, but if it is only paritially inflicted or if someone particularly strong survives it, it can result in severe long-term problems with a dramatic decrease in an ability to function normally. There may also be relapses of the effects and the possibility of developing depressive disorders that can lead to suicide.
Home Planet: The planet Matelea was an Earth-like terrestrial planet in orbit around the star known on Earth as Cygnus X-1. This star was a massive super giant that went supernova and collapsed under its own mass forming a black hole. A second star, Cygnus, is a massive blue giant that orbits with Cygnus X-1 slowly losing its mass to the pull of the singularity. The planet Matelea was the only orbiting planet in this dual star system. Its orbit was approximately 8AU from the massive star before it went supernova and destroyed the planet. Humanoid life on the planet only emerged near the end of the star's life, within 75,000 years of its collapse.

History: Acacia je'Nehru was born on the planet Matelea over 2,000 years ago. She lived her life as a normal girl in her suburban-style town until her seventeenth year in which her destiny took a sudden turn. There was a strange occurrence on her planet. Dark energy of unknown origins began seeping out from ancient ruins throughout the planet. These temples, originally thought to have been places of worship of ancient civilizations, we actually sealed tombs of ancient demons. The physical decay of the tombs and the mysterious loss of the spiritual boundaries that had sealed them allowed these dark entities to once again rein fear on the people of Matelea.

Sensing a purpose, Acacia left her family and friends. The nearest tomb inexplicably drew her and as she approached, she felt empowered. The tomb was menacingly dark and Acacia could sense the evil presence. As she entered, she could here demonic voices taunting her, but she remained fearless as she approached the main alter room. There on the alter she found an ancient compass compact encrusted in dust. She thought it was impossible that archeologists had missed this artifact. As she reached for it, the dark powers in the tomb manifested themselves into physical form and began an assault on Acacia. "Pick it up!" her mind screamed as she tried to fight off her undead assailants. She reached for the compact and as her hand touched it, a bright green light engulfed her body and warmed her deeply. It sent the dark beings scattering. From that day forward, she was a warrior, a sworn defender of her people and her planet: Sailor Matelea.

Acacia defeated the ancient demons and lived the majority of the rest of her life in solitude away from those she loved but always watching over them. She regained the memories of her past lives as Sailor Matelea realizing that in her past life she had fought against a Dark Lord of the ancient world. Her powers had sealed away his darkness, but they had also used all of her energy. Thankfully, her soul was eternal.

In the year that would have been equivalent to about 8000BCE on Earth, the star that Matelea had been orbiting went supernova and destroyed everything within 10AU including Acacia's home world Matelea. Matelea had warned the governments of the planet with time to develop an evacuation plan, but red tape and government disagreements lead to arguments and no unified plan. A few government officials and civilians from scattered areas of the planet managed to get out of orbit of Matelea but the shockwave from the supernova caught up to their crafts. Matelea tried to form a force field around the ships but she was not powerful enough. All of the ships were destroyed and Matelea was nearly killed.

The resulting black hole began to eat slowly away at the second star in the binary system. Sailor Matelea, regained consciousness floating in empty space and saw the black hole sucking up the remnants of her home. Despondent and forlorn, she left the dead star system and headed to the center of the Galaxy to the birthplace of all stars. However, she would not make it to her destination without distraction.

Mission: Matelea's original mission was to protect the planet Matelea and its people. Now that the supernova of the star has destroyed the planet and people, Sailor Matelea is returning to the Galaxy Cauldron.