Otaku Senshi: Sailor Matelea

\Sailor Matelea is Sakura's newest otaku senshi so there are not too many images of her yet. Please enjoy what is here and look forward to more Matelea art in the future!

By Du
I think I gave Du a heart attack and/or serious hand crap with this one. ^^; This was a request at Tabletop Sketches so go check out that site. But, she did an amzing job. The pose is great and wow, look at that outfit. Thanks so much Du! It's great.

By Kris
Kris makes AMAZING sprites. Amazing. Check out his sprite site Azha: The Hatching Place.

By Libby
This adorable image of Sailor Matelea was made by Libby. Check out her site called StarScouts for art and more.

By Lorelei
Click on the sprite to see a beautifully dolled image of Matelea by the talented pixel goddess, Lei-chan!

By Meshia
Meshia made this awesome image of Sailor Hyakutake and Sailor Matelea.

By Purenightshade
This adorable little chibi of Matelea was created by Pure. Check out her collective at Keverynn.net.

By Sakura
Some images of Matelea made by Sakura.