Otaku Senshi: Sailor Hayakutake & The ZSC

Information on the Woman

Avila Aemilius is a Caucasian female human approximately 5’9" tall and weighing 124lbs. Her slender and elegant frame is accentuated by her long thin legs and her narrow hips. Avila’s chestnut colored hair is cut at a drastic angle. From the back it is a steeply angled up from the nape of her neck and textured. The hairline then falls sharply along her jaw with the front most pieces hanging just past her chin. Her eyes are a light clear blue and her completion is fair.

Personal Statistics
‘Avila Aemilius’ translates roughly to ‘rival bird.’ Avila is fond of her given name and appreciates the significant it holds for her father as it was his late mother’s first name as well. Her blood type is A and her birth date is May 10th.

Avila’s personal dislikes and affinities tend to be seen through the lens of being a Sailor Senshi. If Avila were to be privileged to a more civilian life, there are many personality traits that would likely carry over. Generally, she is mature and responsible with a strong sense of tradition and need for ritual. Were she to live a civilian life, it is very likely that Avila would want to be a part of a larger community similar to the military life she has chosen; she is fond of regulation that is clear and consistent.

As a student at her Academy, she got involved in student groups and athletics because of her strong basic desire to fit in and feel useful. This is a challenge to her existence as a Sailor Senshi because there are long periods of time when she is basically alone. While there are other Sailor Senshi that share a similar mission with Avila, it is rare that they return to the Cauldron at the same time and even more rare they have a free moment to socialize.

On the other hand, Avila is very dedicated to her mission. Bound by her unwavering need to please, she gives all she can to be sure to fulfill her duty as completely as possible. She has a certain self image that is fed by her good service and dedication. She believes in herself and takes a lot of pride in her work. At times, her teammates might think her a bit of a brown-nose, but she honestly just wants to do her best. Avila feels that recognition and prestige need to be earned and she has no need for shortcuts. She ends up being her own best company most of the time.

Occasionally, Avila becomes quite full of herself. Too much praise can get to her head and there are times when she can take on authority which is not her own. It is not unlikely to hear rumors about Avila having overstepped her bounds. It is almost always a point that is passed onto any supervising officer and it is always a topic of discussion at her conduct reviews.

Avila is a history buff. She is always interested in learning about the past and would never turn down a good story of times gone by. When she does have any time off, she really enjoys browsing the Celestial Libraries of the Cauldron Great Hall and if the opportunity presents herself she is most fond of Guardian Cosmos’ company. Of the other reconnaissance senshi, she is most fond of Sailor Kohoutek. They try to plan their missions in sync to optimize their time together when not blazing through the galaxy.

Personal Story

In the beginning…
Avila was the first and only female child of the high-ranking General Aemilius and her husband Renatus. The General was the head of Capricorn Sector 5 legion of the Zero Star Contingent, the name given to the body of sailor senshi that guardian the area in and around the Galaxy Cauldron. It was not an easy decision to take a temporary leave from her command post, but General Aemilius knew Renatus longed for a child. It was mainly for him that she consented, having never felt a maternal urge within her. Upon birthing the child however, she found herself undeniably attached to it. Avila’s home was loving and disciplined: she was brought up well, with manners and strong sense of obligation. At a young age her militant mother decided she would be enrolled in the youth Zero Star Placement Alliance. Through this program, Avila began training at the age of five. She worked diligently and remained at the top of her classes for many years. In her teen years, she excelled in all areas and admiration and expectations quickly rose. It was clear to nearly everyone that Avila had the drive and motivation to make it into the Zero Star Contingent.

Early Adulthood
Upon graduation from the First White Rift Academy, Avila applied for admission into the ZSC. If accepted, she would have become the youngest soldier to ever be initiated in the history of the Contingency. However, the Board of Selectors was hesitant about young Avila’s being so green. It was decided that more experience would be needed before she would be granted admittance into the ZSC and granted the power of the stars. Avila was a little surprised at the decision having expected her mother’s rank to have had strong influence on the Board; however, it was actually by her mothers strong recommendation that Avila was not let in immediately.

General Aemilius was a woman of action but she was not without heart. She loved her only child dearly and while she was very proud of the young woman’s accomplishments, she wished very much for her to have something of a good time before signing her life away to guarding the galaxy. General Aemilius encouraged her daughter to take a vacation.

After traveling to the Cetus Beta and Eta Eridanus star systems to stay with relatives, Avila went to the popular destination of many young star-travelers: the planet Reea in the Lambda Scorpius star system. It was there that she met Sailor Kohoutek. Mani-ke, as Sailor Kohoutek asked to be called in her civilian life, was on leave from her post in the ZSC. Mani-ke took a liking to Avila. It was not much later when they determined that their fathers had grown up on the same planet. Only two years her elder, Mani-ke was more than happy to befriend Avila and show her the wonders of Reean nightlife. Merely seven months had past when Avila made a quick return to her parents home. Her trip was cut short unexpectedly: her father had passed away. After the services for her father, an entire year passed. Avila stuggled with her emotions and at considered forgoing her reapplication to the ZSC. With support from her mother and Mani-ke, Avila regained her personal strength, reapplied, and was accepted. More information about her assignment can be found in her Mission below.

Information on the Soldier



[hi-yah-koo-TAH-kay] Hyakutake's sailor outfit is mainly white and burgundy-wine with cream yellow and olive green accents. The bodice is a fitted, sleeveless short dress with wide pleats and no waist band. It is mostly white but fades to burgundy-wine at the bottom one-third of the dress. There is a frilly underskirt of lacy white that peeks out from below the dress. Under her bust there is a thick band of olive green that runs around her back. The back of the dress is open above the band. Her brooch is an upside-down wide teardrop shape lined with a band of cream yellow. Within the border there is a burgundy-wine circular tourmaline gem edged with twelve cream yellow petals. Hanging from the brooch are three white ribbons that each end tied off with an olive green bead and cream yellow petal. Hyakutake's sailor collar is burgundy-wine and thinner than the normal collar. It is directly attached to the inside seam of the bodice opening and does not hang down her back, much as a regular clothing collar might do.

Her gloves warp around her palm but do not cover her knuckles or fingers. There is an olive green band that wraps between her thumb and forefinger which holds each glove in place. At the wrist there is another olive green band that separates the glove from the flared accent which extends to just under her mid-forearm. This flared section is mainly white with vertical cream yellow thin stripes. Around her upper arms there are thin olive green bands line on along the bottom with lacy white trim. From these bands down under the gloves, there is a thin semi-transparent white mesh covering her arms.

Hyakutake's burgundy-wine boots are chunky two-and-a-half inch platform heels that lace up the back with creamy yellow crossing laces tied in a bow at top. They reach to just above her mid-calf and the lacing in the back is left loose. She wears white stockings that come to just below her knee. They are trimmed with a thick band of white with vertical cream yellow thin stripes.

Her accessories include a chocker made of three horizontal burgundy-wine cords accented with two vertical cream yellow rectangular stones evenly spaced in the front, and a headdress which mirrors the brooch and has pointed olive green leaves spiraling form it.

Sailor Hyakutake carries the Sailor Crystal created to be the guardian and protector of the comet Hyakutake. One of Hyakutake’s orbits brings it through the Sol System in an arc that penetrates the orbital plane from below just inside the orbit of Earth. The comet then arches over Sol and descends sharply just outside Mercury’s orbit on its path back to the Galactic Center. Unlike ordinary comets, Hyakutake’s origins are super-celestial. This is no ordinary chunk of rock and ice following an erratic orbit through the system until it burns out. Instead, this rapidly moving entity is made of the purest materials in the cosmos as its origins are the very center of the galaxy: Zero Star Sagittarius. Making its 26000 light-year round trip in just over forty Earth years, this celestial body travels at speeds upwards of 1,600,000 MPH for most of its journey. However, while it passes through the Sol System its speeds reduce to around 500,000 to avoid cosmic disturbance. Created in the Galaxy Cauldron itself this comet is actually a transport designed specifically by the Cauldron Guardian to meet the needs of Sailor Hyakutake.

Sailor Hyakutake’s given mission is one of reconnaissance. Traveling from the Galactic Center under the power of a super-celestial comet, Sailor Hyakutake’s mission is to frequent the Sol System and other star systems in the local area and report their status back to the Cauldron Guardian. Currently her main concern is the Sol System due to the recent increase in Sailor Crystal activity there.

Other than Hyakutake, there are several other reconnaissance senshi including Sailor Encke, Sailor Kohoutek, Sailor Churyumov, and others each assigned to their particular section of the Galaxy. Their missions include monitoring the growth and development of each star system and reporting the need for new starseeds to the Cauldron. It is also in their power to make minor adjustments to the systems as they pass through including but not limited to, fixing orbital alignment, deterring celestial catastrophes, and delivering additional starseeds for newly developing life forms.

It is rare that these senshi see any kind of battle. Cases in which such a need might arise include the attempt of an entity to posses the new starseeds before they are properly delivered, or in the case of the senshi having to defend against a direct attack against them personally. There are other various reasons why these senshi might be asked or forced into battle so they are therefore trained to have practical skills pertinent to their jobs as well as defensive and offensive moves.

Powers and Attacks
Hyakutake’s realm of influence is based in magnetic fields and polar opposites. She has a limited ability to produce a positive or negative charge using her body as an amplifier. This particular ability is effective in her duties of aligning planetary bodies and adjusting axes. She also carries this ability in her civilian form so if she is not aware of it, she can inadvertently cause some odd occurrences. This can also allow for her to have limited control over objects made of metal.

Her phrase to transform is, "Hyakutake Comet Power, MAKE UP!"

Her powers while in her senshi form include:
Axis Charge - allows Hyakutake to realign or adjust the axis of a celestial body; Periapsis Shift - allows Hyakutake to alter the orbit of a celestial body; Hyakutake Elliptic Seize - a magic-based offensive attack used in battle, the results of which can destroy most deep space opponents she encounters but would not be as effective against others that carry powers near or greater than the power of a Sailor Crystal.

Some alternatives on these attacks include more drastic shifts which would only be used to reverse emergency, unforeseen circumstances. Axis Shift can be used as Axis Shift Epoch to slowly, over time reset a planet’s axis if it has been altered more than 10°. Similarly, Periapsis Shift can be used as Periapsis Shift Epoch to reset an orbit in the same manner.

One power that Hyakutake rarely would use is Lagrangian Point. This allows Hyakutake to slow a planet and hold it stationary in its orbit and/or rotation. Generally speaking, this can be used to avoid collisions or other such cataclysmic events, though generally it is the rule of the Zero Star Contingent that natural events occur in their usual manner. Special permission must be obtained from the Zero Star Contingent for Hyakutake to use this power in the Solar System. It is against Intergalactic Law and the ZSC Code of Conduct for her to use it outside of her jurisdiction.

The Future
It is Hyakutake’s goal to be promoted to the Inner Galactic Guard [IGG]. The IGG is a team of Sailor Senshi stationed directly outside of the Galactic Center charged with the mission of maintaining the Galaxy’s fundamental movements and orbit. They are also the front line in protection for the center of the galaxy. There are six soldiers, each positioned in the direction of one Galactic Arm. The IGG are selected from the most elite and qualified of the Zero Star Contingent [ZSC] which includes all of the Sailor Senshi that are based within or directly around the Cauldron.

Positions are held by the IGG until they are killed or challenged by another senshi from the ZSC. If killed, a replacement is appointed until a formal invitation for application can be prepared. If challenged, the senshi holding the position and the challenger will battle in a judged competition. If the challenging senshi wins the battle, the previous Galactic Guardian steps down and the new senshi takes the position. The new senshi‘s title is placed in front of a unique name of personal choice. Often, the pervious duties of the now IGG senshi are taken on by the defeated senshi. However, on occasion the senshi leaving the IGG will be placed to another rank of the Cauldron Guardian‘s choosing.

Both Sailor Hyakutake and Sailor Kohoutek plan to compete for a position after their next mission to their local systems. They plan to issue challenges to Sailor Perseus-Munashe and Sailor Norma-Calec respectively. Hyakutake considers her upcoming challenge with Perseus-Munashe personal. Prior to becoming a member of the IGG, Sailor Perseus-Munashe was a reconnaissance senshi for the series of star systems opposite Hyakutake and had gone by the title Sailor Mrkos. While they had been teammates and familiar with one another, Hyakutake and Mrkos were less than amiable with one another. In various instances, the two had butted heads about certain aspects of their missions and on more than one occasion their differences had nearly caused physical violence. Word went around at that time that Hyakutake planned to issue a challenge the then Sailor Perseus-Kimora. Sailor Mrkos, in turn, took devious steps to be sure Sailor Hyakutake was out on mission when the period for challenge issues came about. When Hyakutake returned from her mission, she found Mrkos had already challenged Perseus-Kimora and now held the position in the IGG. Hyakutake took this as a public challenge and has been planning her payback since.