Otaku Senshi: Sailor Hayakutake & The ZSC

Sailor Hyakutake also has a small but growing image gallery. Please enjoy these very beautiful images of this new senshi. ^_^

By Aya-shi
This is a really stunning image of Hyakutake relaxing in the grass. You can see more of Aya-shi's wonderful artwork on her DeviantART page. This image was requested from IaOoD which is presently closed.

By Dark Zeyphr
Dark Zeyphr created this image of Sailor Hyakutake as a prize for a contest.

By Kristen
This adorable back pose of Hyakutake was made by the talented Kristen; follow that link to see more of her great art on her DeviantART page.

By Kristian
Kris, AKA Chronomorphosis, made this awesome little detailed sprite of Hya.

By Libby
Here is a really awesome picture of Hyakutake from Libby and a great sprite to go along with it. I requested this image from Gemini Cosmos, so go check it out.

By Meshia
Meshia made this awesome image of Sailor Hyakutake and Sailor Matelea.

By Mika
I requested this image from Mika on the Tower of Time message board. Thanks so much Mika! She looks amazing!

By Seandreea
Check out this amazing doll by Seandreea! You can see more of her art on her DeviantART page.

By Sora
Sora made this wonderful requested image of Sailor Hyakutake in a beautiful watercolor style. See more of her amazing artwork on her DeviantArt page.

By Starchild
This is a really cute doll, huh? Starchild (Lexie) did a wonderful job with it. Check out more of her great stuff at her DeviantART page.

By TechnoPoptart
This sexy image of Hyakutake was made by TechnoPoptart. You can see more of her amazing work on her DeviantART page. While this is slightly out of character for Hya, it certainly is stunning. :3