Otaku Senshi: In Development

Sailor Obsidia (past life)
Sailor Casus
Sailor Astera (past life)
Sailor Ethildria
Sailor Makhai
Sailor Chronos
Sailor Annuta

The Ghya Senshi are a team of soldiers who lived and guarded the solar system that once existed where Sol is today. Sailor Astera and Sailor Obsidia were part of this team in their past life. These 7 guardians protected their 7 planets until their star, Ghya, went nova and sealed the fate of their system. However, one planet's dark king was able to survive the destruction into the birth of the new solar system. What will become of the memories of these senshi when their spirits are forced to reawaken?

These senshi also have AU Sailor Animamate forms that are being developed. From left to right they are: Sailor Cobalt Obsidian, Sailor Vanadium Citrine, Sailor Radium Amethyst, Sailor Cesium Aquamarine, Sailor Tantalum Rose Quartz, Sailor Plutonium Garnet, and Sailor Praseodymium Jade.

"Sailor Alainya"

This myseterious senshi washed up on Tokyo's shores shortly after the defeat of Shadow Galactic. She claims to be a princess who was driven from her home planet by a terrible evil power. She is seeking a journal she lost when she crash landed on Earth. She is so friendly and timid; she's a wonderful girl...

Sailor Oukyuu
Sailor Star Razer
Sailor Star Giver
Sailor Star Striker

These characters were created for the story Starless, a story which explores Kakyuu's life on Kinmoku before its fall to Shadow Galactica.

Sailor Nya Nya Astera

This is the AU crack baby of two of my characters!

Sailor Kohoutek
Sailor Mrkos
Sailor Encke
Sailor Churyumov
Sailor Perseus-Kimora

These characters are all in development for Sailor Hyakutake's story.

Sailor Cenésea
Sailor Céldu

Sailor Cenésea is pictured, but she has a teammate; they are inseperable twins from another solar system. When they arrive on Earth, they are too weak to survive in their human forms so they transform into two trees that grow side by side for many, many years. Hundreds of years later, when one tree is cut down, the other one slowly dies. Free from their confines and the shadows of their past, they are reborn again. However, the darkness never stays away for long.

Sailor Aræd

Sailor Aræd is a plant-based senshi from a planet ravaged by mutation.

Sailor Rahab

Sailor Rahab is a self excercise in re-creation.

Sailor Gluttony

Sailor Gluttony was created for a Seven Deadly Sins contest on DeviantArt. Her attacks are "Make Me A Sandwich!" which causes people to bring her more food so she doesn't have to ever move, and "Gluttonous Roll!" which allows her to defeat enemies by rolling over them. The more she eats, the more the gems on her Burger King crown glows.

Sailor Aquarius

Sailor Aquarius was also created for a contest on DeviantArt. She may or may not develop into a bigger character in my fandom.