Activities: MIDIs

Welcome to the MIDI Center! From here, you have access to midi from both the dubbed BSSM as well as the original Japanese music. Soon, SSC might also have some of the Japanese music available in MP3 format. Please check back for that! Also, if you would like to save these midi to your hard drive, just right click on them and choose "Save target as..." then you can listen to them whenever you want!

I will periodically change the file locations and your MIDI will not work. If you want to have a MIDI playing on your web page, save the file and upload it to your own server space please. It would be kind of you to also post a link to so others can find the files. Thanks!

Total midi on file: 67

Transformation Music

Sailor Moon's Transformation
Super Sailor Moon's Transformation
Eternal Sailor Moon's Transformation
Outer Senshi's Transformation
Sailor Saturn's Transformation
Inner Senshi's Transformation
Sailor Starlights' Transformation

Original Japanese Series Music

Fate So Beautiful
Ai No Senshi
Amazoness Quartet
Heart Moving
Just Dreaming of You
Kakyuu's Music
La Soldier
Moonlight Densetsu
Miracle Romance
Moon Revenge (1st Movie)
Rashiku Ikimasho
Sailor Team no Theme
Stars' Theme
Stars' Theme (second version)
3 O'Clock Fairy
Tuxedo Mirage
Watashitachini Naritakute
Stars' Ending Theme
Maiden's Policy
Approach the Beautiful Morning
Death Busters
Eternal Melody
Ai Kotoba Wa Moon Prism Power Make Up!
Ai Ha Enajii
Fire, Soul, Love
Golden Queen Galaxia
Sailor Iron Mouse's BGM
Seiya's Love
Tuxedo Knight
Sharing the Same Tears
Route Venus

American Dub Music

Moon Kingdom Story BGM
Call My Name
Carry On
I Wanna Be A Star
My Only Love
Negaverse Theme
It's a New Day
Oh Starry Night
Only A Memory Away
Rainy Day Man
She's Got the Power
Tuxedo Mask Entrance
Slow Tuxy Music
Usagi's Locket
Show Ending
Background Music
Luna's BGM
Queen Beryl's Theme
Sailor Moon's Entrance (4 sec.)

Attack Music

Moon Tiara Action
Moon Healing
Moon Princess Halation

Other Music

Sad BG Music
Saturn Music
Chinese BSSM Theme
German BSSM Theme (Sakura's fav!)
Alan's Flute
Melvin's Theme