Return of Astera: Notes

Welcome to my first Fanfiction, Return of Astera! Please note that I am rating this fic PG-13 for some strong language and decriptive violence.

This story takes place in Tokyo, present day, approximately after the Sailor Moon R series. When I began this story I was a "DiCer" and I had only seen the first two season of the anime series dubbed. This lack of knowledge may lead to conflicts between my story and canon but grin and bear it. I do not own most of the characters (Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and all characters are copyright by Naoko Takeuchi, DiC, Ciw, etc., etc.), but the story is mine so please respect it as such. Don't take anything without asking me first.) I did not use any of the outer senshi in my stories at this time because I was not familiar with their personalities and I didn't want to portray them incorrectly. Sorry to all those Outer Senshi fans!

Also, people may wonder why I use the Japanese names of the senshi instead of the American names when I hadn't seen the Japanese version at the time. The answer is simple, I like them better. The Japanese names reflect the characters better than the American names ever will, after all DiC could have tired a little harder. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the translations, they are as follows:

Usagi (Oo-sah-gee) - Serena/Sailor Moon

Ami (Ah-mee) - Amy/Sailor Mercury

Makoto (Ma-koe-toe) - Lita/Sailor Jupiter

Minako (Mi-nah-koe) - Mina/Sailor Venus

Rei (Ray) - Raye/Sailor Mars

Mamoru (Ma-more-oo) - Darien/Tuxedo Mask

1. oo (i.e. Mo-more-oo) is pronounced like the oo in zoo.

2. oe (i.e. Ma-koe-toe) is pronounced like the oa in boat.
3. ee (i.e. Oo-sag-ee) is pronounced like the ee in week.

Just a note about the style: centered dashed lines denote a passage of time or a scene change.

Special Note! June 2005 - This story has been revised. There have been some minor changes to Sailor Astera, the writing has been improved and the ending has changed. ^_^ Enjoy!