The Forgotten Truth

A Sailor Moon Fanfiction

Story & Original Characters 2001 Sarah Ruth Hughes
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation.

Chapter Five

Chibiusa sat on the edge of her bed staring at the picture of Usagi, Mamoru and herself. She was so happy to be back in the 20th century with all her friends. In all honestly, although she loved her mother and father dearly, she was very lonely in the future. The senshi of the time were always too busy to play; Diana, the daughter of Artemis and Luna, was her best friend and confidant, but you could only play the same gamer with the same person so many times. Plus there were some things Diana just wasn't very good at. With a cringe, Chibiusa remembered the day they had tried to play volleyball. Poor Diana.

A purplish rounded ball with the face of a cat rose up from the floor and hovered in front of Chibiusa, "Bzzt! Bzzzzzt!"

She grabbed it on either side with her hands and pulled it onto her lap, "What is it Luna-P?" she touched the nose of toy and was thrilled to see the blurry image of one of her dearest friends appear in one of the toy's large cat eyes, "Puu!"

"Small Lady, I'm so glad I was able to reach you." The image was fuzzy, but Chibiusa could make out the long deep green hair and tall slender figure. However, the tone of Pluto's voice was concerning.

"What is it? Has something go wrong in the future?" Chibiusa said with a mix of fear and concern.

"No, nothing like that. Everyone in the future is okay."

"Thank goodness," Chibiusa sighed with relief. The image faded out a little, "Puu?"

"...failed in my mission," Chibiusa heard as the image returned. "There are enemies in your time and place who escaped from the Space-Time Door. They eluded me, but I've been able to track the time key they took from me."

Chibiusa gasped, "Where are they from? What do they want?" The image blurred once more and Pluto's reply was distorted. "I can't understand you," Chibiusa said with a bit of panic, but the connection strengthened again.

"I said, they are from the Opal Dimension, a parallel star system from our own, once ruled by King Nereus. I have reasons to believe that something terrible has occurred there. The Sailor Opals are in your dimension and they are after something. You must warn the others! They have to be stopped or else the dimensions may shift! The time line may change!" Sailor Pluto frantically tried to explain as the connection began to fail again.

"How can we find them?" Chibiusa asked.

"I tracked the key they stole to Tokyo, it seems -" there was more static and Pluto was cut off in mid-sentence.

"Where in Tokyo?" Chibiusa asked as she shook Luna-P and played with the antenna. "Puu!" she called out, but the image disappeared and the eye of the toy returned. Chibiusa stared at it blankly for a moment, then threw Luna-P on the bed and ran out of her room.


* * *

A couple sat on the edge of the sea wall gazing off to the horizon where the sea met the sky as the sunset seemed to touch the water. Their hands were clasped and they sat against one another while the cool ocean breeze kissed their faces.

"The winds are growing stronger," one of them said with blue eyes glistening in the reflection of the sea. She turned to her mate and the wind rippled through her short blond hair, catching the last of the sunlight.

Her partner also turned and nodded with a serious gaze, "A new wave is coming." Another gust gently lifted her aqua hair. Her lover's hand reached up and pressed gently against her cheek.



"We will face it together," the blond woman said as she pulled her partner into a sweet kiss. The sun slipped below the horizon as the churning waves began to crash along the sea wall.

* * *

Ami sat tinkering with Luna-P, working on a method of using it to contact Pluto again. She figured that if it were possible for communication in, it should definitely be possibly to use the line the other way. It was just a matter of activating it.

The wind blew violently outside, rattling the temple doors as Rei sat quietly chanting in from of the blazing fire trying to pick up on anything unusual that could help them find out more about the new challenge they were facing. Chibiusa recounted her captivating story about her conversation with Sailor Pluto for Makoto and Minako who had just arrived. Usagi sat beside a window looking out at the dark stormy clouds rolling across the moon.

Absentmindedly, she said, "Mamo-chan."

Luna walked over to her and hopped up beside her, placing a paw on her arm, "Usagi, are you okay?"

"Oh Luna, I'm not sure. It seems like we never have a moment to be ourselves." She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, "The fighting never seems to end, there's no time to be carefree and have fun."

"Usagi, please stop whining," Rei said as she broke her chant, "You're distracting me." Usagi mumbled an apology and walked over towards Ami to see if she could help with Luna-P. Unfortunately, as she walked past the door it slid open and Yuuichirou came in, bashing Usagi in the face with the timber he had been carrying. Usagi let out a yelp and fell over.

The wind rushed through the open door causing havoc in the small room. The girls shouted and held down various items and articles of clothing as Yuuichirou dropped the firewood, barely noticed Usagi's crumpled wailing form.

"Come quick Rei!" Yuuichirou said breathlessly, "There's some strange people outside!" Usagi stopped her dramatic sobbing, looking to the others with concern.

"What is it?" Minako asked.

"Down near the bus stop, there are some weird people! They are hiding in the trees!"

"Keep the fire going," Rei ordered as she jumped up. "Let's go!" The others nodded and followed Rei out through the sliding door, Usagi still rubbing the bump on her forehead.

"Wait!" Yuuichirou said, "I can help!" He hollered after them as he stumbled down the steps and across the yard. In the shadows of the grass lay a rake that hadn't been put in its proper place. Yuuichirou's foot fell on it so perfectly as to swing the pole up and conk him directly in the center of his forehead.

As they approached the street they heard shouting. Rei stopped at the end of the stairs and pressed herself against the bushes, peering around the corner.

"There!" Rei said pointing across the street where a splash of the street light lit the base of a tree. "Those are the same people from the circus," she said.

"Looks like there's someone else with them," Minako said.

"That's right," Makoto said, "I thought I saw someone else leave from the tent today. That must have been who it was." The final girl was smaller than the others and her outfit was purple. It was clear she had been the source of the shouting as the girl in red now had her hand wraped tightly around the smaller girl's mouth.

Usagi peered at them through the shrubs. "Let's go!" she said, reaching for her brooch. The others nodded.

Just then, Chibiusa noticed a couple approaching from the far end of the street. "Who's that?" she said with a start.

Minako narrowed her eyes, still clasping her transformation pen. "Wow!" she finally said, "I can't believe it! That's Etashi Kimora!" she said with excitement.

"Who?" Rei asked, having absolutely no exposure to recent pop culture.

"Kimora! She's a magnificent singer! She spent the last two years touring Europe with her band! I didn't know she was back in Tokyo." Minako squinted as she tried to see the two better. "You know," she said, "that looks like Hariko Azmuno she's with..."

"He won Juuban's best looking last year," Ami said matter-of-factly.

"Ami-chan?" Usagi said with a tone of curiosity. Ami blushed.

"Not that you pay attention to those things, right Ami?" Rei teased.

Suddenly the matter at hand was pulled back into focus as Sailor Cybele leap from from the shadows, blocking the path of the teens. "Emerald Corais!" she cried as she released an attack at the unsuspecting couple.

"Kimorako! WATCH OUT!" Azmuno cried as he shoved her out of the path of the attack. Bright green orbs of light slammed into him and he fell full force backwards into another tree, wrapped to it by vines and unconscious.

Kimora lifted herself up from ground as the wind whipped her hair around her face. "Azmuno-kun!" She said, looking around frantically. She finally caught sight of the other figures standing in the shadows of the street light. "Who are you?" she asked, terrified. "Why did you do that?"

Sailor Bellona stepped into the light and shouted, "Fire Opal Burning Ribbon!" Streams of fire-like ropes spewed from her open hands and twisted themselves about Kimora, lifting her to an upright position off the ground.

"Let me go! Help!! Azmuno-kun!" She continued screaming until the senshi in red slapped her with such force that she twisted even in the restraints and was knocked out cold.

"Sailor Bellona, that wasn't necessary," Sailor Cybele said. Bellona shrugged.

"Stop right there!" Sailor Moon said as she and the others came charging across the road, "I am the agent of love and justice! The pretty suited sailor soldier, Sailor Moon!"
Chibi Moon heartily ran up beside her, "Sailor Chibi Moon!"
"The senshi team!" the others cried out.
"And in the name of the moon, we will punish you!" Sailor moon took out her spiral heat rod and balanced it at a threatening angle towards the unwelcome senshi, "Let her go, now!"

"I'm sorry," Sailor Cybele said, "we really can't do that."

"Who do you think you are?" Sailor Mars said with scorn.

"I am Sailor Cybele, senshi of the Forest Opal. Guided by the light of the vine planet Cybele in the Ra System of the Opal Kingdom, I will defeat my opponents with infallible strength!"

The senshi in red stepped forward, "I am Sailor Bellona, senshi of the Fire Opal. Guided by the volcanic planet Bellona of the Ra System, I will scathe my enemies into submission."

"Aqua Kaleidica!" The senshi in blue held her hand in front of her and a shimmering blue ribbon of water formed. As she grasped it, a winged wand appeared and she raised it above her head. "I am Sailor Amphitrite, senshi of the Sea Opal, guardian and princess of the third and ruling planet of the Ra System! On a ribbon of frigid water I will vanquish the power of the enemy!" Finally, and reluctantly, the senshi in purple stepped forward. She stood staring at the ground in silence.

"Sailor Castalia, of the Spirit Opal, fourth planet, Ra System." Sailor Cybele said for her, with some irritation. Sailor Bellona shoved the little one forward a bit.

"Ra System?" asked Sailor Mercury.

"Spirit Opal?" asked Mars.

"We don't have time to get into it. We've only introduced ourselves to tell you that your presence on this planet will not interfere with our mission. Senshi or not, we can't leave until we get what we came for." Sailor Cybele and Bellona took protective stances in front of Amphitrite as she spoke.

"And what exactly are you here for?" Sailor Moon asked coolly.

"We don't have time to chat!" Sailor Bellona was furious, her face as red as her outfit. "Just pretend it doesn't concern you and we won't have to remove you from the situation!"

"It is if it involves harming the people of this planet, then I'd like to see you try!" Sailor Jupiter snapped back as she, cracked her knuckles, readying herself for a fight.

"Please," Sailor Moon said, "if you are senshi as we are then there's no reason for us to fight. After all, your mission can't be that different from ours," she said throwing her arms open in acceptance.

Sailor Amphitrite raised her blue and silver scepter towards Sailor Moon, aiming its glistening crown at her chest, "Don't talk like you know us," she said, then turned and grabbed Sailor Castalia's wrist and forced her beside Kimora's body which had fallen to the ground beside them, "Do it!"

"Hey!" Mercury said, "Leave her alone! She's just a kid!"

"Mind-your-own-business!" Sailor Bellona said with growing impatience for these interferences. She turned to the young girl in purple, "Hurry up, now!"

Sailor Castalia placed her hands in front of Kimora, "Sorry," she said softly, then added, "Spirit Opal Scroll Retrieve!" A soft light appeared in her hands and slowly formed into a scroll tied with a golden glowing seal. Sailor Amphitrite snatched it from her and clutched it tightly in the blue glove. The three then began walking away, little Castalia being dragged along by the heated Bellona.

"Oh don't even think you can get away without a fight!" Jupiter said as the lighting rod in her tiara rose, "Supreme Thunder!" She cried out as she released a massive blast of lighting at the four retreating senshi.

Sailor Cybele turned fast, her curls flying around her face, and raised her arms, "Root Wall!" Instantly, a thick, impregnable wall sprang up from nowhere and grounded Jupiter's attack. When the smoked cleared, Sailor Cybele was standing on top of the wall her green outfit still fluttering from the blast impact, "Do yourselves a favor and don't even try."

Jupiter narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms in preparation for another attack.

"Please stop!" Sailor Moon pleaded from behind Mercury and Venus.

Cybele half smirked, "If you continue to insist on a fight you will regret it!"

"What did you think that was, a declaration of friendship?" Jupiter replied with a snarl.

Cybele crossed her hands at the wrists and clasped her hands then turned them inward and back towards Jupiter uttering, "Forest Opal Razor Leaf!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!" As the two strikingly similar attacks flew at each other, Cybele took the opportunity to catch up to her retreating sisters. Jupiter watched in horror as Cybele's razor sharp leaves sliced her oak leaves to shreds and approached her and the others with fierce persistence.

"Chibi Moon!" Sailor Moon covered her future daughter with her own body as the other four senshi were thrown away in the blast. Sailor Moon cringed, waiting for the brunt of the attack to her her, but as the wind and noise ceased, she unclenched her eyes without pain. As she regained her courage and looked up, she and Chibi Moon saw each one of the leaves pinned by a red rose to the ground in front of them. Then, the leaves faded away.

"Tuxedo Kamen!" Chibi Moon cried as she turned to face her hero.

He jumped down from the branch and walked slowly towards them and Chibi Moon met him halfway, running into his arms. He lifted her up.

"Thank you Tuxedo Kamen! You're the best!" She smiled widely and wrapped her arms all the way around his neck.

Sailor Moon stood and faced him with a smile. How good it was to know that after all they had been through, Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru, Endymion, would always be there for her. Her gaze drifted to the other senshi who were making their way over to help out poor Azmuno who's vine entrapment had dissapeared and left him lying on the cold, hard ground.

Jupiter's pride had taken more than a severe blow. She made her way over to a tree and punched it so hard the branches shook and three terrified birds alighted into the swirling, stormy air. The clouds broke immediately and the rain came pouring down.

* * *

Two sailor suited figures stood side by side in a tree and watched a frustrated senshi slam her fist into an unsuspecting tree. After the scene they had just witnessed it was clear to them that their mission was not over. Indeed, the winds of change had swept into their lives once more.

"It's too bad," Sailor Neptune's voice sighed in the darkness, "It was nice to have those quiet days together."

"Sailor Pluto was right, these soldiers might be equal to our rabbit and her friends. It seems like we might have to get involved next time."

"If I'm with you, I don't mind the fight," Neptune said, though her voice still sounded a bit sad. "I think I know how to make you feel better," Uranus smiled. "Oh?" She replied with a grin.

Uranus placed her arm around Neptune's waist and pulled her closer, "It's a surprise."

"I see," Michiru laughed. "What kind of surprise?"

To be continued in Chapter Six!