The Forgotten Truth

A Sailor Moon Fanfiction

Story & Original Characters 2001 Sarah Ruth Hughes
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation.

Chapter Two

"It's not fair! The break went by so fast!" Usagi whined as she dragged herself beside Makoto, Minako, Ami, and Rei. April was upon them and it was back to school after twelve heavenly days of nothing but vegging out, at least on Usagi's part. She had spent most of her break eating, sleeping and catching up on a new manga series that she had borrowed from Rei. Rei had been really tough about lending it out, but after a rather large tantrum from Usagi about her lack of monetary funds due to poor early year academic performance, the priestess had given in. However, the conditions of the lending were such that Usagi was required to read the manga in Rei's room. That being the case, most of her sleeping and eating had also taken place in that location.

"It didn't go by fast enough for me," Rei grumbled shooting sidelong glances at the blonde that had taken up more than her share of living space in the small temple.

"Just think," Ami said brightly, "only one hundred and five days until summer break!" Makoto and Minako sighed together in hopeful desire, but Usagi still pouted and dragged her feet, willing the days of relaxation to return.

A voice calling her name broke her melancholy trudge, "Hey Usagi! Wait up!" Tendai's rusty colored hair trailed behind her in a long, curly ponytail as she raced to catch up to the others, gasping between words. "Sorry, I hoped to catch you sooner but I was running a little late, I guess." She tried to catch her breath as she fell into step with the others and Ami noticed that her shoes were tied onto the wrong feet.

Makoto and Minako looked at each other with amused grins.

"Hey!" Usagi said, happy to be distracted from her woes. "Everyone, this is Tendai! She just moved in near me," awkward pause, "with, are you all related?" Usagi asked with a smile, hoping she did not sound too rude.

Tendai return the smile a bit uneasily, "Sisters, yeah." Usagi seemed a little confused considering the physical appearance of the quartet, but she just kept smiling. "It's complicated," was the most Tendai would put forth in explanation.

"Oh," Usagi said, understanding that families were not always simple in composition. "Well, let me introduce you! This is Hino Rei. She is a priestess at the Hikawa Shrine."

"A pleasure to meet you," Rei said as pleasantly as she could, having gotten less that the necessary requirements for rest in the last few days.

"I am Mizuno Ami," Ami smiled, bowing slightly so as not to upset the large pile of books in her folded arms. "Will you be joining our study group?" Usagi, Minako, and Makoto all rolled their eyes. Way to drive off the new girl, Minako thought.

Before Tendai could answer, Makoto chimed in, expertly deflecting any further discussion of their impending academic fate: "I am Kino Makoto, and this is Aino Minako," she motioned to the blonde beside her, adorned with a big read hair bow. Minako gave an energetic "Hi!" and complimented Tendai on her choice of hair accessories.

"Thank you, Minako! I like your bow, too! It's very nice to meet you all," Tendai said. She felt a little odd around all these girls seeing as they were all already so close, but she thought that with all the stress she'd been having lately, it was nice to meet some new people. She sensed that Usagi would be very easy to get along with, but it was hard to read so many new faces. She couldn't really be sure how they were all perceiving her.

Minako, who had been totally spacing out, suddenly realized that she had walked with everyone in the completely wrong direction. "Oops!" she laughed, "This isn't the way to my school! I will see you guys later, okay? You too, Tendai! Gotta run!" In a flury of golden locks, Minako was gone, back in the direction they had come.

"Me too," Rei added, "this is my turn. I will meet you later today everyone," Rei said, taking the road that would lead her to T*A Private Girls School.

"Oh, I didn't notice!" Tendai said, calling to Rei as she departed, "that's the same outfit Zoe left in this morning. She must be at your school."

"Well, what does she look like?" Rei asked, walking gracefully backwards down the sidewalk.

"Deep green hair," Tendai replied, "and kind of tall, too."

Rei nodded as she turned heel and waved, "I will keep an eye out!" she shouted over her shoulder and took off at a brisker pace.

The other four girls continued to chat the rest of the way to school. Makoto asked Tendai about her favorite recipes, and Ami asked about which subjects she was most interested in. Usagi was curious about where Tendai and her sisters were from and she wanted to ask about their vast differences in appearance but knew it might come off as being nosey. Tendai made an effort to be forthcoming with the girls. Having less people around let her open up a little more, so she told them about her fondness of sweets and her dislike of school in general, but interest in natural sciences. Tendai also mentioned that they had moved to Japan from 'far away' but neglected to go into much more detail.

A few moments later, Tendai walked through her new school's gate with her new found friends. She felt refreshed. Things had been really hard for her lately, leaving everything and running off to this place. But, she thought, at least there would be a little time to explore. There's so much we have to do and it has to get done quickly. These girls might be able to help me though...

"I'm glad my new school has such nice people in it," Tendai said, "I really feel like I can count on you all, and we've just met!" They walked up the stairs and into the building as Usagi chattered on about the school's tardy policy in which she was particularly fluent. Tendai took out a piece of paper with a room name and locker number scribbled on it. Usagi peeked over her shoulder to read the notes.

"Oh! Your locker is only two down from mine!" Usagi bubbled, leading the way as she slipped off her street shoes.

"I will see you in class," Ami said, smiling, "I have to make a stop in Mako's class to get a book she borrowed from me."

"Two books," Makoto said, slipping on her school shoes a few rows down, "There was the one I forgot to give back last time, remember?"

"Oh right," Ami replied as the two walked off together, "See you in class Usagi, Tendai."

Usagi waved cheerfully then turned her attention back to her auburn haired friend, "If our lockers are this close, that probably means we're in the same homeroom." After Tendai had placed her school slippers on, Usagi grabbed her hand and dragged her off, peeking once again at the notes to confirm her suspicion, "Come on, I'll show you the room. Ami is in our homeroom too, like she said, but not Mako-chan because she transferred. Funny that you ended up in our class, but there was a girl that moved away a few weeks ago so I guess we have a desk for you. Ms. Haruna is a little tough on us, and I have to stay after a lot but I am sure that won't happen to you!" Usagi realized she was rambling. All this excitement with a new friend! She could almost, maybe, want to be in school today? No, probably not. "So, where do you other sisters go for school?"

"Well, Cadin should be goign to K.O, but it seems like she isn't properly enrolled yet. And, as you know, Zoe will be at Rei's school."

Usagi cut in, "Mamoru goes to K.O.! I wonder if they would even see one another on such a large campus..." She fought back pangs of jealousy. "I hope Zoe and Rei meet up! Rei's in the phychic club at her school. They are having their annual fair this weekend! We should go, don't you think?"

Tendai nodded and tried to imagine how Zoe would react to someone like the priestess. She had come off as a little dark, but she was also very beautiful. Shaking off her musing, Tendai replied: "A Psychic Fair? Sounds like something the girls might be interested in. Sri is attending the Juuban Elementary School, right down the street. I think Cadin might have walked her there this morning. They asked me to, but I wanted to catch up with you guys."

"Oh, that's right! Chibiusa told me they would be in the same class." They finally reached the homeroom, "This is our homeroom, looks like Ms. Haruna isn't here yet. Cool! My first day back at school and I am totally on time!" As the two girls walked in, Usagi's classmates stopped the chit chat to meet the new girl. Tendai bowed a lot and greeted a lot of new smiling faces. From most of the girls, she felt a warm genuine welcome. She also felt a lot of energy in the room. Maybe it was just her arrival that sparked all the commotion, but she wondered if someone in this room would be of interest to her sisters considering the goals they had set upon their arrival to this friendly, peaceful district.

* * *

Hours later, after classes were out, Usagi invited Tendai to come over to Rei's temple to hang out. Ami quietly mentioned to Usagi that she might want to reconsider that invitation considering they were planning on discussing some of the details of their more recent disturbances. Fortunately, Usagi was spared the embarrassment of having to retract the offer as Tendai informed her that she had already made some plans for the afternoon with one of her sisters. Usagi cheerfully said goodbye and made her way towards the temple with Makoto and Ami.

While they sat around the table at the shrine waiting for Luna, Ami helped Makoto with an essay while Rei worked on the science lab her teacher has assigned. Usagi and Minako were deep into the plot of Rei's Sailor V comic books.

"Oh no way!" Minako screamed. "He can't just walk away from her like that!"

"Mina-chan! Don't ruin it for me! I haven't read that one yet!" Usagi wailed.

"If you both would stop reading those things and start actually studying, maybe we wouldn't have to have a study group!" Rei threw her science notebook at Usagi.

She dodged it, "Hey Rei, did you see that new student at your school today? Tendai's sister with the green hair?"

Rei nodded, but her face seemed a little strange. "Her name is Zoe, and yes, we met." Was she blushing?

"What's up with you?" Usagi asked, "Is she really weird or something?" Usagi threw the notebook back at Rei, but she missed completely and it hit Makoto instead. "Sorry Mako-chan," Usagi said, "I was aiming for Rei." Makoto passed the notebook to Rei unceremoniously and continued to go over the kanji Ami was helping her to review.

Luna slipped through the temple door and hopped up on the table, "Usagi-chan, I'm surprised you didn't try and bring your new friend along with you," she said, with a tilt of an eyebrow.

Usagi scratched her head and laughed, "Of course not, Luna! Official senshi business and all, I wouldn't dare do something silly like that!" Usagi closed the comic book and tossed it on the pile, giving an anxious look to Ami.

The door to the room slid back again and Chibiusa poked her head in, "Hey girls! Sri and I brought a present for you!" The little violet haired girl came in carrying a big tray of cookies and rice cakes, though she nearly fell over under the weight of it. Chibiusa helped to balance the tray as they placed it on the table.

"Wow!" Usagi's eyes lit up, "What's all this from?"

"Zoe made it for us!" Chibiusa smiled.

"But we couldn't eat it all!" Sri sat down next to Chibiusa and looked over to Luna. "Cute kitty!" Luna meowed and pressed her forehead against Sri's outstretched hand which solicited a laugh from the young girl.

Ami pulled her calculus notebook out from under the tray of goodies and set it down on the floor beside her. "Maybe it's time for a break anyway," she said.

"So, your sister made all this?" Makoto asked. Sri nodded enthusiastically. "Maybe when I meet her we could trade cookie recipes!" She picked up one of the little leaf shaped cookies and bit off half. "These are really good! Not too sweet but definitely yummy!"

The others nodded as they all tasted some of leaf, flame, tear, and circle shaped cookies. With the seven of them eating, the big tray didn't last long.

Usagi was picking crumbs off the tray when Chibiusa and Sri finally stood up.

"We're going go to the park again," Chibiusa informed them, "if you guys don't need me."

"It's okay," Rei said, "we can fill you in later if we have to."

"What about the tray?" asked Minako.

"Oh I'll come get it another time." Sri said. "Let's go Chibiusa!" Chibiusa smiled brightly to the girls and waved as they walked outside and shut the door behind them.

"It's great the Chibiusa's making friends again," Luna said as she finished up one of the cookies Usagi had dropped near her foot.

"How come you let her go out and miss meetings?" Usagi complained, but she knew that Chibiusa rarely found a close friend to connect to, while Usagi was surrounded by them. "That was my cookie, Luna" she added.

"It's okay Usagi, we just have to review the last six chapters for our mathematics class before the exam this Tuesday," Ami said as she pulled the notebook back on the table. Makoto pouted.

"This Tuesday?" Usagi cried, and buried her face in a cushion. Minako picked up her comic and began reading where she left off. Realizing that no one was paying attention to her tantrum, Usagi bagan a new thread of conversation. "Say, does anyone think it's a little strange that they are sisters, but you know..." her voice trailed off. She felt a little odd calling out the differences in the four girls.

"They do look quite different from one another," Makoto said.

"Maybe some of them are adopted," Ami added, "It's not all that uncommon for families to be of mixed ethnicities these days."

"Or maybe they have just been together so long that they feel like sisters," Rei suggested. "You can't judge people by their outward appreance Usagi."

"I know that Rei!" Usagi said defensively, "I just thought it was strange, that's all."

Another tap on the door broke their conversation. Rei hopped up to open it and found Cadin was standing in the doorframe. She bowed, her long deep blue hair falling off her shoulders.

"Hi Cadin!" Usagi said, "what brings you here?"

"Hello everyone," she said without a smile, "sorry to interrupt, but have you seen Sri?" Her voice was meek and very light.

"Yes," Rei said, "They came over with cookies. I think they went to the park."

"Thank you," she bowed again, turned, and walked off toward the street. Rei slid the door shut.

"She's kinda strange huh?" Usagi said. Everyone nodded.

* * *

As Cadin left the temple, she turned over some new ideas that had occurred to her. This place and these people, how were they every going to find the girl they were looking for? Someone with talent and poise, of course, and someone with the blood of a king. As she approached the park, Cadin stepped out into the street without even looking up. She was deep in thought and didn't hear or notice the car coming around the bend. The driver hit the horn to warn her but it was impossible for him to miss her, standing there in her light yellow khakis and tan blouse.

Cadin looked up at the sound of the horn and with catlike reflexes she reacted. Jumping straight up in the air she watched below as the car drove right under her. The driver, shocked and terrified, pulled over to the side of the road and fumbled his way out of the car, pale and wide-eyed. Cadin landed safely and gracefully on both feet, stunned but unharmed. Chibiusa and Sri had seen the whole thing as they had been returning the temple to retrieve Luna-P.

"Cadin!" Sri cried as she ran out to her sister.

"Are you okay, Miss?" the driver came up to them shaking. "How did I miss you?"

"Please, I'm okay, go on where ever you were off to so fast." Cadin was visibly shaken but she rested cool eyes on the driver. When he didn't move for a moment, gawking at her, she shouted, "Go!" Chibiusa jumped at the sound of force from the usually very quiet girl. The driver bowed many times and ran back to his car mumbling more apologies before he sped off.

Chibiusa looked up and down the street before running out to Cadin and Sri, "Are you really all right?" Cadin nodded and the two young girls walked her to the nearest bench on the edge of the park. After she had regained her composure, Chibiusa couldn't resist asking her about the incident.

"Cadin," she said, "how did you jump over the car like that? It was amazing!"

Sri bit her lip, "Uh..."

Cadin raised a hand to silence her sister, "I took martial arts training when I was younger. My reflexes are very quick."

Sri smiled, "I want to jump over cars too!" Chibiusa laughed.

Cadin stood up, 'Well, Sri it's time to go home now."

"No! Cadin! It's not even sunset yet!" Sri complained.

"Sri, we have family time tonight and you know it's your responsibility to be there."

"But I want to spend the rest of the afternoon with Chibiusa! She much more fun than meany old Tendai." Cadin raised an eyebrow, looking at her young sister with disdain. "Well, maybe I don't want to be part of the family anymore!" Sri taunted.

Cadin began walking away, "Suit yourself." Sri watched the light skinned figure retreat from them. She sighed and looked at Chibiusa with eyes that said, "Sorry," then hopped off the bench and ran after her sister.

Chibiusa watched them until they went over the crest of the hill. Then she hopped off the bench, looked both ways, and ran across the street, down a few blocks, and up the stairs to the temple. The girls and the two cats were sitting outside talking quietly about the appearance of a circus in the center of the district.

"Hey girls! Sri's sister just jumped over a car!" Chibiusa was all excited, anxious to share what she had seen.

"What's this, Chibiusa?" Luna asked.

"Don't make up stories Chibiusa," Usagi said, "we are busy."

Chibiusa furrowed her brow, "I'm not making things up! She really did!"

"What happened?" Makoto asked.

"Well, she was crossing the street and she didn't look both ways. All of sudden, this red car came out of nowhere and Sri and I thought it would hit her, but she jumped up and it went right under her!" Chibiusa used her hands to show the action she was talking about. "It was so cool!"

The girls all looked at each other with various expressions of concern and doubt.

"Honest!" Chibiusa insisted, "It was like she flew!"

Luna's eyes narrowed; there were so many indications that something was about to unsettle the peace they had been so recently enjoying.

* * *

The next morning, all of the elementary school students were talking in whispers and giggling as Chibiusa walked down the hall to her classroom. She clutched her notebook tightly and looked straight ahead at the floor as she walked on, pretending not to notice all the attention she seemed to be getting. She quickly walked into the classroom and was relieved to see Sri was already there. Then suddenly, Chibiusa realized why all the other students had been whispering.

"Sri! Your hair!" Chibiusa tried not to laugh. Sri had her deep violet hair up in pointed buns like Chibiusa's!

"Isn't it cute?!" Sri flipped one of the pigtails with her little hand, "Is it okay?"

Chibiusa laughed, "Sure! You can wear your hair how ever you like!" She was flattered by Sri's choice, "Who did it?"

"Cadin," Sri mumbled, "I think she pulled and yanked it on purpose though."

Chibiusa slid into her seat beside Sri, "Cadin? She seems kind of strange. Is she usually mean to you?"

Sri made a face, "I don't want to talk about Cadin," She opened her sketch notebook and had just begun to doodle when the teacher arrived and they had to stand to greet her.

Chibiusa felt apprehensive. She was surprised by Sri's discontent with her sister. I wonder if they are having family problems. Chibiusa thought of Usagi and how they sometimes didn't get along very well. It'll probably pass! Chibiusa assured herself as their lesson began.

* * *

Usagi was walking down the hall during her break, frantically wringing her hands and nervously going over some of her English vocabulary when she caught sight of Tendai near the water fountain in the courtyard. She figured some fresh air before a big quiz would do her well, so she made her way out to the open area.

"Tendai!" she called as she approached, "ready for the big English quiz today?"

Tendai laughed, "Of course not! I was way too busy watching TV last night to study." She made a dramatically defeated face knowing all to well that she wasn't going to do very well even if she had studied.

Usagi donned a similar expression and let out a nervous laugh, "Right! My manga stories are much more interesting then English grammar." The final bell rang and the two jumped up.

"Not only haven't we studied...!" Tendai started.

"We're going to be late, too!" Usagi finished, as they both ran off top the classroom. They tried to sneak in the door and behind the teacher to their desks, but Makoto saw them walking in the door and waved to Usagi. The teacher's attention was now drawn to the two tardy girls half slumped as they tried too slip quietly to their seats.

"Tsukino Usagi! Danika Tendai!" her scolding voice made Usagi and Tendai stop dead in their tracks.

Usagi immediately started with an apology, "Miss Haruna, we were only late because..."

But the teacher would not hear it, "Enough! Gather up a bucket and two sponges and wash these two chalkboards until you can see yourself in them!"

Tendai began to reply, but Usagi covered her friend's mouth and smiled, "Okay, Miss Haruna!" As she walked off to the closet dragging Tendai, she casually whispered that this would mean they would get out of taking the quiz that day. Tendai enthusiastically filled the bucket with suds while the rest to the class began the quiz.

For half an hour Tendai and Usagi scrubbed the boards and made them squeaky clean. If we can keep this up till the end of class, we'll miss the quiz and get to make it up! Usagi thought. Only fifteen minutes, Tendai calculated.

"Okay girls, the board looks great. Now it's time to start the quiz." The teacher handed them both a quiz sheet which they looked at reluctantly. "Go on! You only have about 15 minutes until class is over." Tendai and Usagi exchanged defeated looks. Then sat down and began writing feverishly until the bell.

By the time the class was over, Usagi had gotten through all five parts of the quiz, but needless to say, she didn't have much confidence in her answers. Tendai, on the other hand, was still struggling with the second section when the class ended. They handed in their sheets and went off to the lunchroom sulking.

Ami was coming out of her computer tech class when the girls walked by so she joined them. "I'm a little concerned about that quiz I just took," Ami shared.

"You had a quiz too?" Tendai asked.

Ami nodded, "I think I might have been incorrect on the fifth problem, however. I'm almost positive it was point zero zero six two and not zero zero six five." She sighed.

Usagi went on about how Ami didn't really have to worry about with getting only one answer wrong, while Tendai wondered if she had gotten even one answer right.

Continued in Chapter Three