Sailor Armada

Sailor Armada

About the Girl
Name: Tabitha Mona Hendrixon
Meaning: Home ruling advisor gazelle
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 11-3-88
Age: 15
Height: 6"5
Weight: 170lbs

Eye color: Her left eye is green and her right eye is yellow
Hair: The roots are yellow, then it fades to green then blue at the tips.
Blood Type: O+
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Birthstone: Topaz

Build: She is very tall and very thin with a very strong back and shoulders and weak ankles (because of her height and thin frame there's a lot of pressure on them).

Dislikes: Rudeness, hurtfulness, unkindness to animals, and gross foods and fatty foods
Likes: Singing, dancing, acting (she's a 'triple threat'), sleeping, eating, hanging out with friends; she's also a huge fan of romantic love comedies.
Favorite Subjects: Computer Programming (she likes learning about software design and hopes to use it with designing her own fashion line and also wants to make a program for young kids that want to be fashion designers so they can practice.)
Least Favorite Subjects: Science (she doesn't like bio because she doesn't like to dissect ANYTHING) and Math (because even though she does all right in that class, she really has to work hard to get it).

Favorite Gemstone: Ruby
Favorite Food: soup (many different kinds)
Least Favorite Food: greasy and fried and fatty and sugary foods
Future Goals: Getting married, living in a mansion, and becoming an actres/singer, or fashion designer.
Hobbies: Swimming, watching tv, hanging out with friends
Strengths: Holding to her values and being upbeat when things look bad.
Weaknesses: Stubborn about lots of things, not always open to other's ideas

Personality: Tabitha is somewhat shy girl because she is often thinking quietly. But when she does talk she is very sure of her opinions and really tough in a debate. She thinks before she speaks and chooses her words very carefully. She gives good criticism, but doesn't take it very well. She will become very defensive if she thinks someone is trying to point out her mistakes. She will often make excuses but she knows deep down that she makes mistakes. But she's not a mean person, she loves to be with her friends (the few close ones she has) and she loves reading a good novel. Most of the time she's pretty happy go lucky, but when she does have a bad day - watch out!

About the Senshi
Senshi Name: Sailor Armada
Colors: Green, Blue, and Yellow.

Powers: Dreams
Transformation Item: A brooch, it's a compact shaped like a heart. Inside are three ribbons, one of each of her colors. They represent her in her three forms, as a girl, as a senshi, and as a princess.
Transformation: "Armada Planet Power Make Up!"

Armada Cleansing Illusion - This attack is defensive. It will cleanse and erase the nightmares of people, AND it will erase their memories of bad events, so if they see a lot of people get attacked, Armada can erase the memory. Armada Reverse Attraction - If a bad guy has an innocent person she says this attack and the innocent person is pulled away. Then the bad guy is pulled towards Sailor Armada and then when they are trapped and being pulled at her, Sailor Armada shoots a powerful beam at the enemy and kills it! Lucid Dream - This is a powerful attack. It will make all of the opponents worst dreams appear in front of them! Their worse nightmares come alive! But its just an illusion, only they don't know that. So, they go into panic and are either unable to move in fear or it can actually kill them if they are scared enough.
Past Life: In her past life during the Silver Millennium she was Sailor Midael one of the Sailor Angels and then when the negaverse destroyed the moon kingdom she died. The Sailor Angels were messengers of the Silver Millennium that spead the good news and good will of the Queen and her kingdom through out the universe. At this time, her parents were Queen Milky and King Way.

History: A long time ago, there was a planet that was to be at war. The king of the planet, King Yukio knew the war would be very very destructive, so he asked his younger brother and his wife Lady Amidala and Lord Anakin to leave the planet. They did, and they wandered the Galaxy for a new home. One day they came to the Solar System called Natalda. There were four planets in the system Armada, Sayara, Fahela, and Bekha. All of the planet had been almost completely destroyed, and Armada was engulfed in a horrible storm that blocked the sunlight and was killing the people. The Lord and his Lady went to the planet and used their powers to end the storm! The people made them their king and queen! Since the Sailor Senshi of these planets had been killed by Shadow Galactica, the Sailor Crystal lay dormant. When the King and Queen had a baby, Tabitha, she was incarnated as Sailor Armada. Some years later, the King and Queen then had triplets. The three babies were to be trained as the senshi for the other three planets. There was a long time of peace in the Natalda system and it is Sailor Armada's mission to maintain the peace there. When Sailor Moon defeats Chaos, Sailor Armada travels to Earth as an ambassador for the Nataldans. She meets Sailor Moon and the others and thanks them and Sailor Moon give her the Magic Receptor (a special weapon that works in the Realm of Dreams).